Freitag, 7. Dezember 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolita Inspiration

Hi my dear readers,

you see it right: I finally came down to participate at LBC again!

This week's topic is Lolita Inspiration and can be interpreted individually. So I decided to take the opportunity and show you the Lolitas from all over the world that inspire me most.*


For me, Duplica is the incarnation of the perfect Lifestyle Lolita. Although I don't agree with all of her outfits and tastes (but we all know there's no accounting for taste), I admire her love of fashion and her enthousiasm encourages and inspires me to wear Lolita as often as possible.

Ferderica from Vanilla Syndrome

I love her refreshing punky style, also outside of Lolita, while she still looks beautiful and elegant. And her wig collection is amazing, she achieves to look different in every new outfit.

Caramea from New Vogue Chlidren

I'm especially inspired by her amazing Classic Lolita Outfits. So elegant! Plus, she blogs often about her adorable tea parties, it's always a real treat to read her blog.


Actually, she doesn't wear Lolita that often, but nevertheless, her creepy-cute style ist so amazing! She did not only perfect the image of pastelgoth (which seems to be a quite popular style lately), the mixture of pastel wigs and obscure accessoires and details is also highly inspiring for me.


Unfortunately, she doesn't wear Lolita anymore (>.<). It's such a pity, because her sense of style was incredible! Well, you can't force anyone to wear Lolita, but I still draw a lot of inspiration from her coordinates.

*Of course, there are many more extemely lovely Lolitas that inspire me, but introducing them here would just go beyond the scope. I'm really sorry for that!

These lovely blogging Lolitas also participate on this week's LBC: