Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

My Week In Pictures: Fiction & Upcoming Inspiration

Hey sweeties,

how are you? I'm sorry for not posting anything lately, university keeps me quite busy these times. At least I managed to take some pics (*.*) Enjoy!

 Needed some easy reading material, and what can I say, this book is really awesome! Read it in two days, I can recomend it to anyone who likes black humour (^.^)

Do you know Kai Meyer? I love the language and the writing style. Finally got the third volume of the Arkadien-series

Had an idea for this years christmas presents, which included collecting patchwork fabrics (yes, I know I'm early, and no, they don't have to mach all together)

A lot of red tartan fabric and a selection of white lace - can you guess what I'm planning to sew?

Concert tickets! Twice for two of my current favourite bands and once for next years Greenfield Festival

So this was my week. How was yours?

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