Freitag, 31. Dezember 2010

Material Mix or The Tale Of The Girl With The Big Bottom

No, I won't make a Happy-New-Year-post, I think all these rumours about sylvester and everything are quite senseless. I don't like fireworks and I think New Year's pledges are stupid because you're going to overerstimate yourself or your environment anyways. Better make a purpose when you really need it without checking the date first.
But, before you quit my blog, I have good news: I sewed, after a long time, again! I had a desperate need to make something not-Lolita, so I made a somehow gothic/romantic miniskirt. I used everything my fabric stock gave me, which means tulle, satin, lace and some thick cotton fabric. It turned out much heavier than I expected, and it makes your bottom look really huge (but for that, your waist and legs look thinner xD).

Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010^^

I got tagged! By Sue!!

Und hier sind die Regeln:

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The rules:
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(I hope I did a good job with the translation of it. If there are mistakes, please let me know^^)
So, I tag:

Casual Attempt

Recently, I tried wearing more casual Lolita on normal week days. With the one on the left, I went to town with my sister. You can't see it very well, but I'm wearing this shirt. Finally, we went to the cinema and watched Der letzte schöne Herbsttag. Although The film was not too bad in my opinion, there were only six people (my siter and me included) in the cinema.^^
I took the picture for the second outfit by night, so you can't really see much of it, I'm sorry (I tried to make it a bit better, but now it looks rather creepier than before). I'm wearing my standart black skirt and this blouse. That day, my sister and me went with my father to the Foundation Beyeler (a museum) in Basel to an exhibithion about Klimt, Schiele and Vienna in 1900. I'm still not that into paining art, but there were quite a lot people, so we didn't even find a place in the museum café.
The third outfit is with a skirt I actually do not really like to wear, because no matter how often you iron it, it refuses getting de-wrinkled. Nevertheless, I got a compliment for it.^^
So, and now it's almost tea-time! (Btw, Victoria Suzanne wrote a very interesting post about tea in her blog! If you're a fan of tea, check it out.)

Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

Christmas Presents!

Hello my dears!
I hope you all had a merry christmas! At least, I had. I was so glad everyone was happy with what I made them as a present, so I will show you.
First the two gingerbread houses. They look a bit crippled, but I tried to cover this with tons of sugar icing xD. At least, since this was my first attempt with gingerbread houses, I know now what to do better the next time...
Then, for my sister, I made a corset out of dark red dupion silk and a black jersey shirt with a bateau neckline to wear underneath. It doesn't look as good on Venus since it's, of course, tailor made for my sister.
When we were in Austria this summer, my mom bought herself a Dirndl (and she looks really charming wearing it). Because they actually wear bloomers underneath a Dirndl, I made her a pair. It's made out of baby blue patchwork fabric, white lace and some blue ribbon.
So, last but not least, my dear Sue got a black gruftkitsch necklace, made from velvet ribbon, satin ribbon, some elastic lace, some pearls and a tiny key charm. I got the intention she liked it...

Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010

To All My Lovely Readers

I love you! No, really, you can't imagine how happy I am everytime someone decides to follow my blog. It would be quite boring without you here. So I wish all of you merry christmas, enjoy the holidays (and don't drink too much alcohol xD).

Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010

Wrapping Paper And News Paper

I love to wrap presents for christmas. I light some candles, put on some good music and surround myself with all the materials you need and, of course, the presents. Then I wrap those, first in tissue paper, then in some nice christmas paper (this year I chose a bright blue one with silver reindeers and white snowflake - isn't this lovely?), and in the end I use to cover it with loads of ribbon (my lovely penpal Sue unfortunately didn't came to enjoy this since I had to send her present in a letter and it would have come out all crumpled - Sue, you should just imagine, ok?^^).
Actually, this wasn't really the clue. I finally got a photo from our last Lolita meetup with all uf us!
Aaaand did i mention that there was a TV team accompanying us? They made a clip out of it. You can watch it here. It's in Swiss german, though, but you should have a look at it, the girls were so lovely dressed. I think it's quite good made, especially since they let us speak (well, not me, but some of us) and didn't add a background comment. Another newspaper also wrote an article: *click* . Pinky said there were even more newspapers interested in us! Maybe the scene is getting more popular in Switzerland soon?

Montag, 20. Dezember 2010

Review 2010

2010 done for the first time?
sewn and worn a full Lolita outfit <3
2010 sadly not done?
dyed my hair green or blue^^
2010 word of the year?
2010 drink of the year?
Vanilla flavoured rooibos tea
2010 food of the year?
Vermicelles with meringues and whipped cream^^
2010 song of the year?
Die Ärzte - Mysteryland
2010 CD of the year?
Greenday - American Idiot
2010 book of the year?
Goethe - Faust I
2010 soap of the year?
Gossip Girl (yes)
2010 cosmetics of the year?
liquid eyeliner by essence
2010 accessoire of the year?
lots of rings
2010 intention of the year?
become a real Lolita - did I succeed?
2010 realization of the year?
You can't help it, but you can change it
2010 best idea?
start writing a blog
2010 most stupid idea?
buy shoes instead of more useful things
2010 in one word?

Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

A rustic leftover

From the bolero I once made, there was some fabric left. So I made a cardigan out of it. It has only short sleeves and is waist-high, so I can wear it also with Lolita. In order that it's not ordinary, I had the stupid idea of crocheting the hem instead of serging it normaly. I deformed the crochet hook several times and my fingers were hurting after some stiches. But forethere, it's unique now.^^
The neckline:


"Hänsel und Gretel" is not a christmas tale!

So why were there in every second shop window a gingerbread house with a wich and two little children? (and a cat. Is there really a cat metioned in the tale? I can't remember). I mean, I can see the connection to christmas with the gingerbread house. But Hänsel und Gretel?
Actually, this is not really the point. Me and my Lolita friend Aya went yesterday to an art exhibition from some artists, one of them is Pinky. It was very funny and I learned a new word in English: womb. I'm sure I'll need this word very often in future xD. For those who don't know it: don't bother, you don't really want to know.
This is what I looked like:
I'm wearing my jsk and for the first time my ruffly bolero. I made a mistake when I put on my black Demonias, because I nearly slipped and fell every second step. I think I'll wear them again when the snow has gone....

Samstag, 18. Dezember 2010

Jigging Around Completely Crazy

OMG! I just got my very first Lolita valentine! When I saw it I just stared at it for some seconds. OMG! Ok, I'm just turning a little bit silly, please don't mind. This is sooo gorgeous and cute and everything and I'd like to thank to whoever made it! Well, I always have a look at the valentines, I love this idea of giving someone a compliment staying anonymous. But I've never even thought of the possibilty to get on for myself. I don't know who made it (although it seems to be someone from NuS since there were quite a lot other NuS-Lolitas valentines...^^ ) but this is so amazing right now! I thank you so much and I'm glad there's someone out there who likes my dilettantish sewing try-and-errors.^^

Freitag, 17. Dezember 2010

Dear Santa...

Only one week left until christmas! Unlike everyone else (as it seems...), I'm not at all stressed with presents and stuff. For my familiy, I always make something edible, this year I plan to do gingerbread houses (which I'll do this weekend), my sister and my mother will get something I've sewed. Since I'm not sure who is reading my blog, I'll show you after christmas what I've made.
Until then, I keep on dreaming about my wishlist. As this is my Lolita and sewing blog, here are my Loita and sewing themed wishes:
When I saw this MM dress first, I immedeatly fell in love with it. It's just perfection. Maybe one day, I'll sew something like this. Although I'm not quite sure if this wouldn't be blasphemic.
Another MM item, perfection again. I love everything about it, the colour, the shape, the print...

Two items from IW, which are not that innocent when it's about my love to Country Lolita.^^
This coat has such lovely details. I'm thinking about sewing another coat which would be inspired from it. Until then, I keep adoring this one.^^
Vampire Requiem skirt in lavender. Is there any more comment needed?
Baby's Lac Des Cygnes in black. So beautiful! (And please, I'd like to have the skirt)
Black Ruffle Rocking Horses would probably be the only RH's I'll ever wear. But in return, I probably wouldn't take them off anymore...
So, these were some of my Lolita desires. There are some items I could need for my other passion: Sewing!
A Teflon foot. Although I'm not very often handling with leather or plastic, every time I do I wish I had one.
A ruffle foot. Oh, it would make my live so much easier!
And hey, by the way, why not an overlock machine? I'm currently saving money for one. I just thank to the inventor of this marvellous thing...
So, this was a little glimpse of my most personal dreams... or something like this xD. Maybe, somewhere out there, there's someone who wants to fulfill one of my dreams (yes, dear Santa, I'm talking to YOU!^^)

Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

Me too

Making jewellery has infected me, too. Hey, don't look at me that reproachful! It's just so funny! And I won't sell it, I just made it for myself (<- loves everything that sparkles^^)

Let's start with some earrings:

Rocking horses!

Ancient dressmaking:
More vintage:
It's tea time!

Some rings:
Some brooches:

Aaand some chockers:

No, I don't think I'm overactive. How come you think so?