Dienstag, 29. November 2011

Wie weit geht Originalität, subkulturelle Identität?

Hey everyone,

first of all: thank you so much for already 70 readers! So awesome!
Whenever I see there's someone new, I immediately try to find out who it is and if she (or he?) is writing a blog, too. I'm sorry I simply don't have the time to follow back all of you, and sometimes it might happen that I even miss it out - so if you actually write a blog I'm not following yet, or you know someone who writes one that is absolutely worth reading - let me know! I'm always looking for new inspiration and open for impacts (^.^)

Today, I wore my new fake fur acessoires. The gaiters need one or two eyelety more, so they won't crumple so much any more, but besides that, I absolutely love them. The collar is so soft and warm and cosy! Perfect, now that the weather is steadily getting colder.

skirt: handmade
gaiters & collar: handmade
shoes: Dosenbach
mirror necklace: New Yorker
owl earrings & ring: claire's
rest: offbrand

Sonntag, 27. November 2011

My Week In Pictures

chewing gum of the week (^.^)

unbelievable, but true: I went shopping and actually got a pair of jeans - but only because my last pair was too fucked up to be worn

I also found this beautiful, extremely cosy pullover on sale, one in black and one in pastel mint green, a colour I've been looking for quite a while

The heels of my favourite pair of shoes were too worn out and got broken, so I had to bring them to the shoemaker

this vanilla & caramel flavoured tea is so awesome!

My current desktop background. This picture is so inspiring!

A christmas present I'm working on at the moment (and the reason why neither the cardigan nor the quilt are proceeding at all... I'm sorry, there will be updates soon, I promise! I'm almost done with my christmas presents)

Freitag, 25. November 2011

Rose Corsage

Hello cuties,
last week I made the rose corsage I planned to wear to the Lolita meet-up which took place last sunday. However, I couldn't attend the meet-up, but since I had fun taking some pictures while crafting, I thought I'd share some of the work-in-progress pictures with you (^.^)

The materials I needed: fabric flowers, fake hair, pearls, nylon thread, cotton thread, the metal part of an old barette, glue and scissors.

First, I cut off the petals and leaves.

Then, I arranged the flowers the way I thought would look nice, added some leaves and sewed everything with thread and needle toghether, so it would stay in place.

Next, I took small strands of the fake hair and braided each of them. I made four of those braids and secured the ends with thread and glue.

While the glue was drying, I threaded some pearls to the nylon thread. It is important to secure the ends tightly, so the pearls won't get lost.

In the end, I added the barette, the pearls and the braids. Of the latter, I only fixed one end, so I could clip the other end with a bobby pin into the wig respectively into my own hair.

I hope I can wear it another time, maybe for the next meet-up? We'll see...

Dienstag, 22. November 2011


Hi everyone,
I hope you're all well (^.^)
I'm currently impatiently waiting for snow to come... unfortunately, no impatience on earth can change the climate, so instead I sewed some warming accessoires, so I'd be ready for the cold (*.*)
Some weeks ago, I came across bathinas blog, who creates beatiful things out of fawn fur. Since I'm not really the Bambi kind of girl, I went fabric shopping and found this wonderfully fluffy, chocolate-brown fake fur and some matching cord.

Gaiters, to make my shoes winterproof. They're closed with lacing in the back.

Then, as they are seen everywhere lately, I also made myself a fur collar. It's so cosy!

Are you also waiting for snow, or do you plan to go somwhere where it's hot as soon as winter would approach?

Donnerstag, 17. November 2011

Candy Doesn't Have To Have A Point. That's Why It's Candy.

cuffs: a gift
cape: handmade
gaiters: handmade
blouse: R-series
cardigan: H&M
shoes: Vögele Shoes

Montag, 14. November 2011

My (Past Three) Weeks In Pictures

Hi my dears,

sorry that I lately neglegted the documentation of all the fancy things happening here for you, but I hope I will resume the habit, since I used to like doing it (and I suppose it would be funny re-reading those posts in a few years...)

Good morning! I proudly introduce my new (and very loud) alarm clock. I think it's somehow cute, isn't it?

I had hoped the load of vitamins would keep me healthy, but that was before I had the flu (>.<)

...and some more vitamines xD. It's odd, I somehow have the impression I picture a lot of food...

My new lovely shoes!

Worked a bit on a christmas present this weekend

and to end up, yesterdays outfit:
shoes: An*tai*na
rest: offbrand

Donnerstag, 10. November 2011

It Has Been A While...

...and I'm extemely sorry for this!
But for that, I'll make a long post today, with loads of pictures (^.^)
The happy event of today was that I finally met Elodie again, the Lolita who also lives in Basel. We went together to the Basler Herbstmesse, the funfair that takes place every autumn at different locations all over the city. I love it so much, with candy and rollercoasters, it makes the little child inside my heart bouncing around from excitement (^.^).
Of course, there were also carousels (sorry for the bad picture, it was already getting dark):

 This is something extremely cute we found in a shop window when walking through the city: It's a mouse which opens a jar with a spoon, an the whole thing is moving! So sweet!

Some other random pics of the stands...

Since I had been at university all day long and couldn't go home and change before we met, I was wearing something rather simple:

jsk: handmade
alice band: Innocent World
shoes: ebay
jewellery: claire's
rest: H&M

When I drove home, I had this fantastic view of the Münster and the big wheel of the fair:

Freitag, 4. November 2011

Trial And Error

Or, like in my case: Trial & Success (^.^)
I had some very pretty cotton lace, which was somewhat yellowish but which I wanted to be white. So I went to the drugstore and secured whitener:

I must admitt, I was not very sure about this, I feared the lace might dissolve or something, but to my surprise (and pleasure!), nothing happened, expect that the lace became whiter. It's not perfectly snow white now, but it doesn't even have to. Just a bit whiter was all I wanted, and my prayers were answered:

 Before and after. The difference is not very significant in the pictures, but you have my word that the right one really is whiter than the left one.

Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

Wishlist: Check, Check

Hey cuties,

what's up?
You may have noticed, I changed the layout, although I'm not too content with it... I'll see whether I have a better idea how I want it to look...
Unfortunately, I'm not too well at the moment, a nasty flu caught me, so I decided to skip university and work through the whole stuff calmly at home, beside that is it surely not so nice for my fellow students if I keep whining coughing and snuffling all the time...

Luckily, the postman brought two parcels, who  cheered me up immediately so I'm almost fit again, because they contained two of my wishlist items!

First was the Last Country Sally Garden jsk:

 Sorry, it looks very unshaped, but it's extremely pretty, just as I imagined it!
When I first saw this dress, I fell in love with it, but I waited too long to order it (it's a limited edition), and then  it was sold out, of course. But then I found this awesome shop One Day In Paradise, and they actually had it! I was so happy (^.^)

 The bow is detachable, and the quality of the dress is very good. It is comlpetely lined and the shape is lovely. I was surprised that the breast part is almost too wide for me, since this is actually where I have most problems with lolita clothes.

 The chiffon is light and fluffy and the print is simply adorable, can't wait to make a pretty autumn coord with it!
Over all, I'm very content with the shop One Day In Paradise. Communication was exellent, and they declared the parcel as used dress, so I didn't have to pay any customs duties. As it came from Australia, it took some time until it arrived, which is perfectly ok.
If you don't have a problem with second-hand clothes, have a look at the shop, they have quite nice stuff, even some oldschool lolita items!

 For the second dress, I was almost even more exited. When I was in Paris at Btssb last year, I saw it and was so in love, but couldn't afford it then. So when I saw it at closet child, I ignored my account balance and got it. It's the St. Mephistos Cathedral jsk by Alice and the Pirates in pink:

 I have to admitt (shame on me), that I'd prefer the lavender one. But well... it's just so incredibly beautiful! I understand every Lolita who says only brand is the right thing, who could resist something like this? Oh, I want to share the rest of my life with you, would you please marry me...?

I must apologize for being silly, my endorphines were running riot, but now I have it under control, I swear.

It was the first time I ordered at closet child, but here too, I'm very content and I'll surely order there again. The service was good and the shipping very fast, I had absolutely no problems.

So now I am the proud owner of two of my drem dresses, I can go back to studying. Have a nice day!