Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

Wishlist: Check, Check

Hey cuties,

what's up?
You may have noticed, I changed the layout, although I'm not too content with it... I'll see whether I have a better idea how I want it to look...
Unfortunately, I'm not too well at the moment, a nasty flu caught me, so I decided to skip university and work through the whole stuff calmly at home, beside that is it surely not so nice for my fellow students if I keep whining coughing and snuffling all the time...

Luckily, the postman brought two parcels, who  cheered me up immediately so I'm almost fit again, because they contained two of my wishlist items!

First was the Last Country Sally Garden jsk:

 Sorry, it looks very unshaped, but it's extremely pretty, just as I imagined it!
When I first saw this dress, I fell in love with it, but I waited too long to order it (it's a limited edition), and then  it was sold out, of course. But then I found this awesome shop One Day In Paradise, and they actually had it! I was so happy (^.^)

 The bow is detachable, and the quality of the dress is very good. It is comlpetely lined and the shape is lovely. I was surprised that the breast part is almost too wide for me, since this is actually where I have most problems with lolita clothes.

 The chiffon is light and fluffy and the print is simply adorable, can't wait to make a pretty autumn coord with it!
Over all, I'm very content with the shop One Day In Paradise. Communication was exellent, and they declared the parcel as used dress, so I didn't have to pay any customs duties. As it came from Australia, it took some time until it arrived, which is perfectly ok.
If you don't have a problem with second-hand clothes, have a look at the shop, they have quite nice stuff, even some oldschool lolita items!

 For the second dress, I was almost even more exited. When I was in Paris at Btssb last year, I saw it and was so in love, but couldn't afford it then. So when I saw it at closet child, I ignored my account balance and got it. It's the St. Mephistos Cathedral jsk by Alice and the Pirates in pink:

 I have to admitt (shame on me), that I'd prefer the lavender one. But well... it's just so incredibly beautiful! I understand every Lolita who says only brand is the right thing, who could resist something like this? Oh, I want to share the rest of my life with you, would you please marry me...?

I must apologize for being silly, my endorphines were running riot, but now I have it under control, I swear.

It was the first time I ordered at closet child, but here too, I'm very content and I'll surely order there again. The service was good and the shipping very fast, I had absolutely no problems.

So now I am the proud owner of two of my drem dresses, I can go back to studying. Have a nice day!

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  1. Oh no, I hope you'll be well soon!
    But I'm sure those dresses help cheering you up :D
    They are really beauftiful, especially the first one! I'm so in love with chiffon at the moment *___*