Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011

Falling Leaves

 Hello everyone!

I hope you all are well (^.^) I just realized I already have 65 readers, this is amazing! Thank you so much for your interest in my blog, every time I see there's a new reader I feel extremely honoured. Thanks a lot!

I knitted a bit and eventually finished the back part:

So the thing left do do are the sleeves, there I'm not very far yet:

 Then I have two outfits for you:

lonsleeve: H&M
skirt: handmade
belt & tights: Chicorée
shoes: Dosenbach

make-up pic

handmade, gift

longsleeve: H&M
scarf: handmade
skirt: handmade
belt & tights: Chicorée
shoes: Dosenbach
jewellery: Claire's
I also changed my nose piercing - got a bit bored of the old one...

Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

Being Open-Minded

Do you know that moment when you realise that you're totally in love with something you've categorically refused before? Converse shoes for example, or the colour brown.
Or a music genre.
Up to now, I used to go through a wide spectrum of music, from Punk over Hip-Hop to Symphonical Metal and classical music, and all those had an impact on my taste of music (and on my record collection). It's nothing to be ashamed of, there are so many beautiful songs that it would be a shame to deny them because of some stupid principles - unfortuately, this happens all the time, and I'm not better myself, I must confess.
So I guess I'm really happy to have been forced happened to listen to the radio a year ago, because otherwise I wouldn't have been adverted to a really cool band back then. By now, they are extremely successful in Switzerland, all over the charts and on tour - where you have to be very fast to get tickets.
I'm talking about the band, whose concert I saw on 14. october: 77 Bombay Street.

The four brothers, initially from Basel, moved to Australia with the whole family (there are 3 more siblings, all of them making music too), before coming back to Switzerland and forming a band together.
Their music is somwhere between Folk, Indie-pop and Rock'n'Roll, and what can I say? I love it, every song of their debut album Up In The Sky.

 The concert was a lot of fun. I've seen them before at the Gampel Openair (a festival), but I think concerts are somehow different again, with the lights and atmosphere and everything (although the first row didn't seem to be in a veeery good mood... maybe if I had been front there, I'd have been partying more xD)
Just found this concert recording with some interviews (in Swiss German, I'm sorry):

So since there will be some additional concerts, I couldn't resist:

And what an exorbitancy, they already raised the price, compared to the regular concerts! (o.O)

I hope I didn't annoy you too much with my balderdash about the way, what kind of music do you listen to?

Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

The Plum Dress


I don't know whether you wondered about it after yesterday's post, but of course I couldn't resist sewing something with my brand new beloved overlock, when I was at my mum's place this weekend anyway.
Protagonists were, beside the sewing machine, 1m purple gabardine and a matching zipper:

And thats the result xD
It's a very simple dress in A-shape with shoulder straps.

 Back view. As a little detail, I made small tucks.

Venus has, as usually, not the same measures as I do...

And this is the interior view! It's so nice to sew a seam only once and it looks perfectly neat and everything. Although I still have to get used to the machine, it sews really well and convenient (^.^)

I sewed the dress on a certain purpose (hint: look at the title), which I'll tell you another time in a longer post, probably next week.
Have a nice day!

Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011

My Week In Pictures

Hey sweeties,

another week has almost ended, it is really creepy how fast time goes by lately... and it has happened so much, have a look!

Now I can take my morning tea with me - in this cute thermos cup in shocking pink (^.^)

yum yum: carrot tartlet

could finally convince my mum to help me paying buying an overlock sewing machine. Love it so so much!

so of course, had to get some fabrics: purple gabardine with zipper, pretty check fabric and comfy bright viscose fabric (both on sale), some buttons for my knitted cardigan and gold chain for another project...

world's best chewing gum

recieved a postcard from Dahab in Egypt - makes me want to travel again...

owl mania caught me too - with this ring I've been drooling at for quite a long time and some earrings with it
both from Claire's

Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

Small Steps

Hi everyone!

There's quite a lot going on currently in my life, I feel like I'm running around all day long and then falling to bed in the evening pretty tired... I'm going to tell you about it later, when I've put things right in my head =D

So far, there is al little progress on my cardigan, I finished both front parts:

...and started with the back part - for the third time! However, now it's finally looking the way I imagined it:

alice band: Innocent World
longsleeve: Chicorée
blouse: New Yorker
skirt: Dear Celine
belt & tights: H&M
shoes: Vögele Shoes

handmade, Claire's

Montag, 17. Oktober 2011

Green Day In Cape Town

Hi cuties!

I hope you all had a nice weekend!
Thanks to my excellent planning, I didn't have to work for university, so I spent mine with watching DVDs and handicrafts xD.
Among others, I also worked a bit on my quilt:

I really like how it's growing, and I hope it's going to be as pretty as I imagine it (*.*)

So before I have to face more serious things, my outfit of today:

cape & skirt: handmade
blouse: New Yorker
cardigan, belt & tights: H&M
shoes: Vögele Shoes

Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

My Week In Pictures: When A Cold Wind Blows...

...then a bowl of hot vegetable bouillon is exactly the right thing

bebe intensive care makes my skin smooth and soft

my favourite tea at the moment - even the box itself smells like heaven

ordered a new wig for the next Lolita meet-up, but I'm not sure whether I'll use it, it's very shiny (>.<)

sweet sin: mentos fruit

"to women, abstinence means the short break between two wishes" - Mario Adorf
Just found this on  my computer, from Duplica's LJ

Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

Where Have All The Hours Gone?

Hello everybody,

friday is my day off (yeah, I have only 4 days university - everyone who thinks of studying, I can only recomend it xD), and I'm proud I already finished everything on my to-do-list for toady, even before noon: mended my bicycle (second flat tyre in two weeks - what's the matter with it?), cleaned my room and my part of the flat and did all of my university stuff for this week - well, almost, there's some reading left to do.
So I'm sitting here with my cup of vanilla rooibos tea and wonder how it is possible that it's already four weeks (!!) since I started my studies, time has flown so fast lately! And there's still always something to do...

My knitting work is growing slowly:

It's (hopefully) going to be a short cardigan one day. Currently, I'm working on the second front part, which is a bit boring, because I did it already once, but at the same time, you have to concentrate so that it looks the same as the first piece.
Actually, I also did the back part, but I don't like it, so I'll probably dissolve it and start over new.

In the end, I have another outfit shot for you. I really like this skirt, but it's so short! Really need an underskirt for it.

outfit rundown:
alice band: Innocent World
shirt & bolero: handmade
belt & tights: H&M
skirt: Dear Celine
shoes: Vögele Shoes