Dienstag, 30. August 2011

Minimizing The Fabric Mountain 2.0

*Warning* Pic Heavy *Warning*

So instead of packing my stuff (which won't take so long), I occupied the sewing machine, and, miraculously, even managed to reduce the amount of fabric lying around everywhere!

Here we go:

First, there was a remain of lilac velvet, which I thought would look nice when used for a cape:

I even had two matching buttons!

The closure is actually just a piece of fabric where I sewed the buttons on, while the cape has two button holes.

The pattern is the same as I used here.

Next, I took a bit of black gabardine, some black satin and some black lace fabric, and that's what turned out:

The edges of the lave fabric aren't serged, I mean, they won't fry anyway (although I wish I had an overlock machine...)

Then, there was this unpractical leftover of ivory knitted jersey fabric. Together with some lace (fom Berlin!), it makes a lovely shawl:

Last but not least, I had the glorious intuition, that both bags and patchwork are absolutely perfect for the recycling of smaller fabric pieces:

I used golden satin, cream brocade and black-green-red-golden paisley fabric and cut them into little squares.

Even the lining is a leftover of another project...

Phew, this was a long post, with lots of pictures and even more links...
Have a nice evening!