Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2015

Lazy Life

Hi dolls,

I'm really enjoying my summer break, dressing up and meeting friends to catch up (^.^)
If you follow my instagram, it probably looks like that's all I do, although I'm also sewing a lot (*.*)
But anyways, I have some outfits to share with you:

Cardigan: HellBunny
Dress: handmade by me
Shoes: Demonia

Hat: decorated by me
Necklace: Moon Bunny
Jsk: Innocent World
Underskirt: handmade by me
Shoes: Deichmann
I wore this outfit to meet Lea in Basel! I felt like a forest witch (^.^) I'm also growing fond of longer skirts in Lolita, commonly known as tea-length skirts. I just wear the petticoat and underskirt on my hips instead of on my waist to add the length, but I'm considering sewing longer skirts and also a new petticoat.

we had crèpes at a cute crèperie and cupcakes at Cupcake Affair

Jsk: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
no petticoat because it's really just too hot (for me)
Today, I met some Lolita friends, also in Basel. First, we went to the Landesmuseum in Liestal to see an exhibition about cherries and cherry blossoms, and afterwards to Yogurt Now for frozen yogurt (^.^) the café is soooo cute and the yogurt is amazing (although quite expensive).

Sonntag, 21. Juni 2015

Plaid, Pleats & a Pocket

Hi dolls,

between sewing things for my indielabel (I'm currently preparing for two Lolita-conventions I'll attend this summer), I felt like sewing a skirt for myself that has been on my to-sew-list for ages. Long time ago, I bought a residual piece of tartan fabric on sale, only 70cm long, which makes it perfect for a pleated mini-skirt (or so I thought).

It's constructet like a wrap-skirt, which works quite well since the fabric has a nice fall, but I realized when I wore it that I have to add an invisible button to secure the open skirt part, because it tends to fly open when it's windy (-.-)

I used jeans-buttons which can be riveted directly onto the fabric, which is very handy (^.^) I really like the look in combination with the plaid.
In the back, it has a bit of shirring, just because it's more comfortable, and of course it's lined, so I can wear it in winter with tights, too.
I even managed to put in a pocket on the side - only one, since the pleats are all folded in the same direction, so hiding the pocket under a pleat only works on one side. I should put pockets in my skirts amd dresses more often, usually I forget or I'm too lazy.

And of course I had to wear it right away the next day (^.^). I felt super comfortable in this outfit!

yay for the pocket!

Freitag, 12. Juni 2015

June Treats Me Well

Hi pretties,

on wednesday, Aya and I met in Basel to go shopping, walk along the Rhine and having a mini-picnic (^.^) I was super happy with my outfit, I think I've never felt more like mysef - and of course, I'm still jazzed about my hair!

Headbow: Innocent World
Necklace & dress: handmade by me
Shoes: thrifted
First, we went to the fleamarket. I had a vague plan of looking for a nice teapot, since the old ugly one we had before broke. I didn't really expect to find something since I'm sometimes very picky, but then I saw this one and fell in love:

Isn't it gorgeous? I think the best part is that it's got pansies on it (or at least some flowers that ressemble pansies, I'm no expert).
Later, we also went to H&M, where I found a beautiful lingerie set which was on sale and this amaaaaaazing sweater in mint with dinosaurs on it (mint! and dinosaurs! how awesome is that?)

shopping haul

I was amazed about how many cute compliments I got for my hair. We were both dresses in black and Aya has short purple hair, so apparently we made quite a dramatic appearance (^.^) we got all kinds of reactions from passers-by, ranging from deathly glances to a kid whispering "witch" to love declarations!

Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2015


Hi cuties,

I dyed my hair green-turquoise! 

It's something I've wanted to do for a while, but I was also a bit scared the bleaching might not agree with my already dry hair... but the prospect of flowing mermaid-hair was a stronger motivation (^.^) and if it would have gone horribly wrong, I could always have cut it off, I'm not that emotionally attached to my hair tbh.

I used Schwarzkopf Blonde L1++ to bleach my hair, I did some research beforehand and this seemed to have good reviews. I bleached three times in total - about two month ago I had dyed my hair with henna, and it seems that it's really hard to get the red dye out, my hair was still quite orange in places after the third bleach. Nevertheless, I then proceeded to apply Directions in Apple Green and Turquoise, and it seemed to cover quite well.

before - after the first bleaching - after the thrid bleaching - end result (a bit uneven, I know - I need to practice on that)

I'm very very impressed how my hair survived the process. As I mentioned, I tend to have dry hair, and I was also scared I might lose my natural waves. I bleached three times in three days and drenched my hair in between in coconut oil, hair masks and conditionner. Additionally, I cut my hair after the third bleaching about 8cm, I had split ends anyways, so it was time. Right now, it's still recovering, but I'm soooo in love with it (*.*)

Montag, 8. Juni 2015


Hi dolls,

some time ago, I added a piece to my wardrobe which had been on my wishlist for ages, so naturally I was very very excited when I finally found it second hand:
The Antique Pansy jsk by Innocent World in beige!

It's so dainty and gorgeous, I'm very fond of all the details, like the print, the bow on the top or how it's printed on jaquard fabric which spots a rose pattern!
I couldn't wait to wear it and had the chance to when I went to St.Gallen with a friend last week:

Blouse & jsk: Innocent World
Alice band & jewellery: handmade by me

We went shopping for laces at the outlet store of Bischoff Textil, visited the breathtaking Abbey Library and had some ice cream afterwards (^.^)

It's not allowed to take pictures inside, so here's a stock photo

It was the first time I was inside the famous library. I must admit, I thought it would be a bit larger (the room's actually quite small), but all the ancient books and the baroque ceiling paintings were amazing!

Freitag, 5. Juni 2015

Book Challenge April & May

Hi my dear readers,

you might have noticed that I didn't update on the reading challenge for April here. I was busy with school for the past two months, so I was mainly reading for classes and fewer books, so I thought I'd take these two months together.

Jakob M. R. Lenz - Der Hofmeister (German)

- A book written by someone under 30 (he was 23 years old when he wrote it)
- A play

Sam Byers - Idiopathy (English, 310p.)

Samuel Beckett -  Der Namenlose (German, 301 p.)

I coulnd't check off many points on the challenge, but as the semester has finished, I 'll (hopefully) have more time to read during the break (^.^)

Montag, 1. Juni 2015

Short Sleeved

Hi cuties,

sometimes last year I altered this blouse from Innocent World:

It's super pretty and I like to wear it, but the sleeves were always a bit short (apparently a common problem with long-sleeved IW blouses...).
I took the cuffs apart and shortened the sleeves, so it became a short-sleeved blouse.

I used the lace and buttons from the old cuffs for the new ones. I feel much more comfortable wearing it now (I was wearing it here btw.)