Sonntag, 21. Juni 2015

Plaid, Pleats & a Pocket

Hi dolls,

between sewing things for my indielabel (I'm currently preparing for two Lolita-conventions I'll attend this summer), I felt like sewing a skirt for myself that has been on my to-sew-list for ages. Long time ago, I bought a residual piece of tartan fabric on sale, only 70cm long, which makes it perfect for a pleated mini-skirt (or so I thought).

It's constructet like a wrap-skirt, which works quite well since the fabric has a nice fall, but I realized when I wore it that I have to add an invisible button to secure the open skirt part, because it tends to fly open when it's windy (-.-)

I used jeans-buttons which can be riveted directly onto the fabric, which is very handy (^.^) I really like the look in combination with the plaid.
In the back, it has a bit of shirring, just because it's more comfortable, and of course it's lined, so I can wear it in winter with tights, too.
I even managed to put in a pocket on the side - only one, since the pleats are all folded in the same direction, so hiding the pocket under a pleat only works on one side. I should put pockets in my skirts amd dresses more often, usually I forget or I'm too lazy.

And of course I had to wear it right away the next day (^.^). I felt super comfortable in this outfit!

yay for the pocket!

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