Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015

If I Had the Chance I'd Ask the World to Dance

Hey dollies,

next week university starts again, so i'm spending my last week of the semester break with sewing and enjoying the great winter weather (^.^)
Therefore I have not much to show you, expect for two outfits!

On sunday, I wore my new jsk for the first time. I decided to coordinate it with brown and embrace the deer theme (*_*). The length of the dress is still unusual, and maybe I need a long petti now, too (I was wearing a regular one on hip height to give the dress at least a bit poof).

Knitted hat: KayiLa Fashion
Collar: CuteLou Couture
Cardigan & belt: handmade by me
Necklace: Moon Bunny
Dress: Long Ears and Sharp Ears' Studio
Boots: Vagabond
serious selfie for once (^.-)

The second outfit was not really an outfit, but just some clothes I put on to run errands (that's why my hair is so messy). However, I felt really cute and comfy, also I love this sweater, so I took a pic anyways.

Sweater: Sheinside
Boots: Vagabond
I've always loved the combination of shorts over tights, but hardly ever felt self-confident enough to actually wear it. I had no idea it's much more fun to just not give a fuck and wear whatever I want anyways!

Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2015

Teal Time

Hi Dolls,

there are some colours that cannot be found in my closet. Although I like them, I don't wear them, which is mainly because of limited space and money, So I have to settle for a certain range of colours. For example. I don't own anything blue, turquoise - or teal.
My mum, hovewer, likes to wear teal, so for her birthday I sewed a waist-length cardigan for her.

I chose a soft cotton jersey with matching buttons. I really like the ornaments around the edges of the buttons (^.^)

My mums style is not very elaborate, so I tried to keep the cardigan simple, without big embelishments exept for a pocket on one side (because you can't have enough pockets, right?).

It looks a bit crumpled here on the photos, but I had to take pictures as long as I had a bit of light...

I totally forgot to buy matching thread while in the fabric store, and when I was at home again. I was too lazy to go back again. So I improvised with this lighter shade. I think it's a nice contrast, a cute detail that could be intended from the beginning. The trick is to just tell everyone that's how's supposed to be (^.-)

Dienstag, 3. Februar 2015

Deers in the Mist

Hi cuties,

last year, the indie brand Long Ears and Sharp Ears' Studio released a print with the name Deers in the Mist. As you know, I love everything deer-related, so this obviously caught my attention.

Pictures from their facebook page

Isn't it adorable?
But at the time of the initial release, I wasn't sure whether I actually wanted to purchase it, plus I couldn't decide for a colour, so I missed the first reservation period (-.-)

the artwork is so adorable!

Lucky for me, there was a second chance to reserve the dress shortly afterwards. I placed my order in December, in January I could pay the rest of the fee and some days ago, the dress arrived!
In the end, I settled on the long jsk in ivory(-yellow) colourway.

I debated on getting the dress in lavender instead, but now it arrived I'm very happy with my choice. Although I don't wear a lot of yellow (not at all, actually), I really like the colour on this dress, also because it's very pastelly and not too obtrusive.
It's also my first dress in this length, I'm looking forward to try coords with it (^.^). Actually, I prefer the classic lolita silhouette with knee-long skirts, but I liked the overall design of this jsk the best (there's also a short jsk and a onepiece to choose from).

The quality of the dress is susrprisingly well (I'm always a bit cautious with indie brands). There is no zipper since the back is shirred, which makes the dress very comfortable. The shoulder straps are variable and the waist band and shoulder ruffles can be detached. The dress is completely lined and carefully sewn, as far as I can see.
The lace trim in the front is of decent quality, aswell as the fabric itself.

I'm very fond of the print, it looks gorgeous on the chiffon. The plain chiffon that's used for the ruffles has an interesting texture; stipes are woven into it. I like details like it, also it comliments the dress nicely.

I'm so happy about this new addition to my deer collection (^.^) I can't wait to wear it!
Maybe I'll make a new blouse or a cardigan to coordinate it with, I noticed that I need more off-white basics...

Montag, 2. Februar 2015


Hi my dear readers,

I'd like to add a new aspect to this blog, to cover another of my hobbies: reading!
I used to read a lot when I was a child, a little less when I became a teenager, and since I started studying, textbooks covered most of my reading schedule. But I noticed how much I missed reading, especially fiction (although I also enjoy non-fiction!).

Even if I didn't take the time to actually read a lot, my wishlist on amazon grew (and still grows) quite a bit. So when I got some money and bookshop gift cards for Christmas, I didn't spend it all at once on books because that would be irresponsible couldn't resist and stocked up my reading materials:

It's not "too many books", it's "not enough bookshelves"!

Along with some more books that are on my to-be-read-pile, these should keep me busy for some time (^.^)
It's also a good thing that this book challenge keeps floating around (I found it on tumblr, but I think it's also on other social media platforms), which I want to join:

In order to keep track of it, I decided to post at the end of every month which books I've read and hence what I can cross off the list. I interpreted it insofar that one book can cover more than one request (to quote a friend who also participates: "my challenge, my rules!").
So, what did I read in january?

I'll write a little something about every book, I hope you don't mind (^.^).
So let's have a look!

Walter Moers - Die Stadt der Täumenden Bücher (German, 455p.) & Das Labyrinth der Träumenden Bücher (German, 427p.)

- A book with nonhuman characters
- A book from an author you love that you haven't read yet

So far, I've only read Die 13½ Leben des Käpt'n Blaubär by Moers, but I've loved it. The author has this brilliant use of language and an extensive vocabulary, which always makes me feel very smart when I read his books. 
These two books are the first two of a series (the third volume is released this year), so the content is linked together. It's about a young writer who visits what sounds like the best place on earth; The City of the Dreaming Books. It's a city full of bookstores, libraries and cafés, where everyone reads, writes or sells books. Sounds amazing, right? However, beneath the town lies The Labyrinth of the Dreaming Books, a vast cave system that holds many dangerous adventures for our hero!

Susan Cain - Quiet. The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking (English, 280p.)

- A book by a female author
- A nonfiction book
- A book by an author you've never read before

I first learned about this book in connection with this amazingly beautiful comic "Introversion" by Luchie (please look also at the rest of here blog!).
I consider myself an introvert, and it's more often than not a difficult trait of my personality, so naturally, I was intrigued. And I can highly recommend this book, whether you are an introvert or extrovert.

It's very well researched and based on numerous scientific studies, but also personal experiences of the author. The definition of introversion, why our society is based on an extroverted ideal (and why that might be a bad idea), how introverts can benefit from their personality without being forced to pretend to be someone they aren't; Cain explains all this in a very entertaining language, accompanied by many examples and stories of her own life. Despite being cramped with information, it's agreeable to read. Many things dawned on me while reading it, and I think I understand myself a bit better now.

Rachel Hawkins - Rebel Belle (English, 345p.)

- A book set in a different country
- A book based entirely on its cover
- A book with a love triangle
- A book set in high school
- A book with magic

They say you shouldn't judge a book based of its cover, but I must admit, the cover was what got me interested in this book in the first place (shame on me). The content is pretty much obvious from the points it crosses off the challenge which I listed above. Although this might not look like something I'd enjoy reading on first glance, I did not hate the book. It's well written, witty, and the main character is very charismatic. Also there's magic and wiches and some historical facts included, so I'm contemplating to read the second book of the series, Miss Mayhem, which will be published in april...

Kouyu Shurei - Alichino (Manga, 3 volumes, German)

- A book a friend recommended
- A book you can finish in a day
- A graphic novel
- A book that was originally written in a different language

Yes, I'm shamelessly going to count mangas as books too! A friend borrowed them to me, since she wants to cosplay a character and I didn't know the series before. It was published in 2005 and put on hiatus after three volumes. Which is a shame, especially the elaborate costumes are really pretty! They might even get me into cosplaying after all...

So, looks like my book challenge started not too badly:

I really hope I can finish it by the end of the year! (*_*)