Montag, 21. Februar 2011

Jungle Drums - Something To Cheer You Up

An explorer is deep in the jungle, being led by a native guide. They are hacking their way through dense tropical growth when suddenly drums start pounding in the distance. The explorer freezes. His guide reassures him: "no worry. drums good."

"The drums are good? No danger?"

"Yes, drums good. Keep going."

The explorer takes a deep breath and they trudge on. As the jungle gets thicker and denser, and dusk starts to fall, the drums continue, pounding louder, ever closer. The explorer asks again, "Are you sure those drums are okay... nothing to be afraid of? It sounds like they're getting louder."

"No. no worry. Drums good."

They continue on.

As night falls and they start to break camp, the drums become even louder, more intense. The explorer cannot shake a sense that they spell impending doom, but his guide continues to reassure him: "drums good."

Then, just as darkness settles most completely over the jungle, the drums suddenly stop. The guide's face goes ashen, a look of horror in his eyes! The explorer asks, "What? What's the matter? The drums stopped-- is that bad?"

The guide responds, "When drums stop, very bad! Bad thing coming! No good for anybody!"

"What!? What is it? What happens after the drums stop!?!"

The guide responds: "Bass solo."

Found on Anny's blog

Donnerstag, 17. Februar 2011

Killin' Joke

This just makes me lol everytime I see it.

Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

Maritime Times

I finished my Jacket-And-Skirt-Project!
The cut for the jacket is quite simple, waist-high with a lapel collar. I took this pattern from Burda, but I had to make some adjustments, yet I'm not 100% content with it.

Lovely buttons, aren't they?

The sleeve

For the inlay, I used royal blue satin. It's such a wonderful colour, isn't it?

The skirt is a highwaisted one with shirring on the side and lacing over it. In the middle of the back, there's a zipper.

For the hem, I used this time a special machine stitch which makes an almost invisible hem. It goes much faster then by hand and you can see the little stiches only if you're looking very closely.

The inside

Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

Inspiring Sunday: Courtney Brims

Hey my dears!

I hope you had a nice weekend. I'm currently lying in bed with a very annoying flu...

Today's Inspitation Post is about Courtney Brims, an artist I recently found. Her artwork is really stunning. Enjoy it!

Donnerstag, 10. Februar 2011

Pinkish Delight

Who said that laptop bags have to be always black?
Because I was so curious myself about how it would turn out, I started yesterday with my laptop bag and the couldn't stop sewing...
I love it (^.^)
The lace is actually a pale pink and not white. As a lining, I took the very very last bit of the cream fabric I used here.

Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011


This is going to be great, I promise!
But before I can finish it, I'm waiting for a farbic order on the one hand, and, on the other hand, I have to slide in another project. I have an own notebook now (my first notebook, only for me! Love it), but instead of buying a laptop bag, I had the glorious idea of sewing one. So it won't be an ordinary one, I'm going to lolify it (^.^). It'll be pink. Oh yeah!
When I bought these (lace and zipper were reduced, yay!), I also bought this lovely white cotton, an oddment. I'm thinking about maybe sewing a shiro jsk. Or, at least, a skirt. (I just notice I have already quite a long to-sew-list. Anyone interested if I posted it?)
Then I found these two darlings in a thrift shop. They now store some of my jewellery and accessoires.

Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011

Inspiring Sunday: Steampunk Pieces Of Art

Somehow, I have a lack of inspiration lately...
So let's go back to good old Steampunk, interpreted by my all-time favourite corset designer, Bibian Blue. Enjoy it!
Pictures via Facebook

Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

Happy Family

Last week, my mother had her birthday and I sewed her something (oh, how creative!). I made her a black cocktail dress, since she doesn't owned one before and she might use it one day (in my opinion, there are a lot people who needed having the one or other item that is at least a bit elegant in their wardrobe anyway). I used black chiffon and black satin for the lining.
And it's NOT skew, it only looks like since I'm such a talented photographer.
It can be worn alone, but actually I made it for the top I made as a gift for my mother a year ago. Well, she really liked it, but I think you can see my personal tastes quite well...

Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011


Candycookie gave this sweet award to me. Thank you!
Hier die Spielregeln:
1. Make a Post, thank the person who gave you the award and link him/her.
2. Tell 7 things about youself.
3. Give the award to 5 other bloggers.
4. Contact these and let them know you tagged them.
Ok, 7 things about me:
I) I'm so sorry I didn't post so long, it's been quite busy here and I had other things in mind than blogging, but I won't forget you, I promise!
II) Last Sunday, I went to the cinema and saw Black Swan, but I'm still not sure whether I like the movie or not.
III) When I make tea, I first put the tea bag into the cup and the pour water in it. Otherwise it makes me nervous when I have to but the tea bag into the water.
IV) Althoug I don't have a driving licence, I enjoy watching Formula 1 races every now and then.
V) I hate grammar mistakes, but I'd feel like a teacher if I corrected everyone.
VI) I've been playing the violin for many years, but I was never really interested in classical music then. My passion for classical music started ironcally when I stopped playing the violin 4 years ago.
VII) I love drum solos.
I only tag one blogger: Sue, who already recieved the award from someone else, but who cares?

1. Macht einen Post über diesen Award, indem ihr dem, der euch den Award verliehen hat dankt und ihn im Post verlinkt.
2. Erzählt 7 Dinge über euch selbst.
3. Gebt den Award an 5 weitere Blogger.
4. Kontaktiert diese Blogger und lasst sie wissen, dass sie den Award erhalten haben.