Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

Happy Family

Last week, my mother had her birthday and I sewed her something (oh, how creative!). I made her a black cocktail dress, since she doesn't owned one before and she might use it one day (in my opinion, there are a lot people who needed having the one or other item that is at least a bit elegant in their wardrobe anyway). I used black chiffon and black satin for the lining.
And it's NOT skew, it only looks like since I'm such a talented photographer.
It can be worn alone, but actually I made it for the top I made as a gift for my mother a year ago. Well, she really liked it, but I think you can see my personal tastes quite well...


  1. Das Kleid ist echt schön geworden! Also ich würde es sofort tragen. Deine Mama wird sich bestimmt riesig freuen, ich zumindest würde es ;-)

  2. Oh, das ist ja schick!
    Würde ich auch sofort anziehen ;)

    Ach, und ich finde, wenn du Sachen nähst, dann dürfen sie dir auch gefallen. Und dein Geschmack ist ja gut - insofern: Mehr davon! Setz das durch! :)