Mittwoch, 31. August 2011


Yes, tomorrow, I'm finally going to move out!
I'm pretty exited right now, and also a bit exhausted, since I spent the morning with trying to pack all my stuff so it can be transported. It was more stuff than I expected, but it didn't take quite as long to pack as I suspected. So now I just hope it'll fit all into the car!
So, for those who don't know it yet, I start studying economics in Basel. Since Basel is about two hours (by train) off from where I live now, I decided to move closer. Luckily, I found a room in a flat share with two other girls in Grenzach, which is right next to Basel, but actually already in Germany. So in fact I'll live abroad, haha. Well, I don't mind, and it's just much cheaper than living in the city itself. I'm really looking forward to it!

Some weeks ago, I took some pictures of my old room, just as a little memory (and I post them here, whether you want or not ^^)

view from the door

the shelf beside my bed
the shelf above my bed ^^

my cupboard, where I stored everything - clothes, books, cds, etc.

the view from my bed - do you recognize the door?
So that's where I lived for the last two years. It's small, sure, but I liked it a lot. As soon as I've moved and arranged the new room, I'll photograph it too, ok?
Have a nice day!

Dienstag, 30. August 2011

Minimizing The Fabric Mountain 2.0

*Warning* Pic Heavy *Warning*

So instead of packing my stuff (which won't take so long), I occupied the sewing machine, and, miraculously, even managed to reduce the amount of fabric lying around everywhere!

Here we go:

First, there was a remain of lilac velvet, which I thought would look nice when used for a cape:

I even had two matching buttons!

The closure is actually just a piece of fabric where I sewed the buttons on, while the cape has two button holes.

The pattern is the same as I used here.

Next, I took a bit of black gabardine, some black satin and some black lace fabric, and that's what turned out:

The edges of the lave fabric aren't serged, I mean, they won't fry anyway (although I wish I had an overlock machine...)

Then, there was this unpractical leftover of ivory knitted jersey fabric. Together with some lace (fom Berlin!), it makes a lovely shawl:

Last but not least, I had the glorious intuition, that both bags and patchwork are absolutely perfect for the recycling of smaller fabric pieces:

I used golden satin, cream brocade and black-green-red-golden paisley fabric and cut them into little squares.

Even the lining is a leftover of another project...

Phew, this was a long post, with lots of pictures and even more links...
Have a nice evening!

Montag, 29. August 2011



yesterday, a lolita friend of mine gave a teaparty to say goodbye, because she'll move to Berlin to study there - we're going to miss you very much, Honey! <3

We had lots of yummy cake and, of course, tea!
For a little goodbye present, I made her a lollipop brooch from fimo:

I hope it'll bring her some colour to grey Berlin (^.-)

You probably want to know what I wore, right? I decided to take my cupcake skirt and make a bittersweet coord with it:

Outfit rundown:
Skirt, Hedbow, Jewellery: handmade
Blouse: Bodyline
Socks: Baby the stars shine bright
Shoes: An*tai*na

I wore for the first time my frilly rocking horse shoes, and they're awesome! Really comfortable, and I love how they look like (^.^)


Donnerstag, 25. August 2011

Slightly Addicted

I sewed another bag yesterday. Unfortunately, my favourite one was too beaten-up to be still representable. So I made a new, simple black bag.

It's slightly smaller that its antecessor and I used some cord-like fabric this time instead of fake leather.

Since I took the zipper from the old bag, I left the key charm on it (^.^).

Tried something different for the straps: I made for each one three ribbons and then braided them. Well, it's something new (normally I make bag straps in a rather boring way), and I like how it looks like.

Royal blue lining! It's a leftover from my navy jacket.

Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

Minimizing The Fabric Mountain

Hey sweeties,

because I'm going to move out soon without taking the sewing machine with me, I thought I'd try to make something out of the spare fabric I have here.

There was a strange cotton fabric and some jersey, which I used to make a rather simple mini skirt:

I even made a pocket on the right side (can't be seen really good on the picture)

Speaking of jersey, I took the very last leftover of it and made another shirt:

The pattern is the same as I used for the lilac shirt, quite short, so I can wear it with a Lolita skirt too.

I actually had to use two different kinds of jersey, one for the shirt itself, the other for sleeves, neckline edging and bow, but I hope it's not too obvious or disturbing...

See you!

Dienstag, 23. August 2011

Bodyline Skirt Remake

(Actually something I wanted to post ages ago...)
It's this skirt we're talking about:

I ordered it from Bodyline quite a long time ago, because I was so in love with the print (and still am!), but then never wore it. Somehow the highwaisted corset-styled part didn't suit me well, nor did I really like how it looked like.
So I decided to alter it a bit:

First, I took the waistbands, the lace and the lacing off.
Then, I shortened the highwaist part by cutting off ca 5 cm and set a new zipper.
After that, I serged the hem, turned it down and sewed it on.

Pretty simple actually, maybe it looks not so nice on the inside anymore, but so much the better on the outside (^.^)
Last but not least, I used the fabric from the waistband for some bows:

I like the skirt so much better now and will (hopefully) wear it more often from now on!

Montag, 22. August 2011

Up In The Sky, Nothing Is Insane

Hey sweeties,

I hope you're all doing well. Here, it's incredibly hot, so all I'd like to do is staying inside all day long (or in our non-existent swimming pool...)

So since I'm not really up to something right now, I'm afraid today's post not too interesting, I'm sorry. But there are some sewn things lying around which need to be ironed and photographed, so as soon as I have the motivation, I'll show you.

So, then. There have two parcels arrived.
One was from e.l.f.:

I was mainly interested in the eyeshadow base, but because I had to pay shipping costs anyway, I also got some eyeshadow and nail polish. If anyone is interested in a review, let me know.

The second parcel was from

I love how cute the items are wrapped! That's what was inside:

Cute silver butterfly earrings, a snake shaped ring and a merry-go-round necklace. The latter's got real tiny dangling horses on it, it's really the cutes thing I've ever seen!

Last week, I also got some crafty stuff:

Beautiful fabric, which I'll turn into a jsk, and some embroidery thread, which matches extremely well with the fabric but which I'm going to use for another project.

So, that's it for today!