Samstag, 13. August 2011

The Sky Is Blue

Hey my darlings,

I wish you all a wonderful day and I hope that the sky in your lives is as blue as in mine (^.^).

I have good news; yesterday I was in Basel at the university and got registered, so I'm officially a college student now xD. I can't wait moving to this wonderful city and study there! *being exited*

When I came home, a parcel had arrived for me, another order from Qutieland I've been looking forward to recieve.

That's what was inside. For a better overview some stock photos:

Two blouses, one with high collar and a bowtie, the other one with a round collar and restained ruffles, both in black.
A basic skirt in black.
A doctor styled bag in wine red (it's actually the same I already own in white, I just love this bag so much. Do you think that's creepy?).
And a headband in black.

That was the Lolita part of the shopping xD.
Yeah, there is more (I'll end up totally broken...)

A white summer dress with cute lace and a navy blue mini skirt with convenient pockets. But hey, they were on sale - I paid *calculate* only 26% of the original price! (^.^)

Then I got the Donald Duck Summer Special Edition:

Well, you probably think *wtf* but I've always been a big fan of western comics (more than of asian comics, I must confess) and anyway, I got it in the first place because of the interview with the german band Die Ärzte.

The interview was funny to read, as usual, but there is nothing really new expect that they're ostensibly working on a new album (but we have hoped this anyway, didn't we?).
But there's more: Apparently, the french ELLE had, together with Disneyland Ressort Paris, produced a drawn photo spread featuring Paris' most important fashion designers, accompanied by well-known Disney characters. This spread had now been allowed to be printed in this particuliar magazine, coming along with an interview with Michael Michalsky. So whether you like fashion or Disney's world (or both), I think it's worth to have a look at it.

Wow, this was a long post, and blogger almost drove me mad while writing it, messing up pictures and letting me wait... I'll go outside now and enjoy the blue sky and the nice weather!

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  1. Aw, so much great stuff!
    I love the bag, I actually wanted it in black when I was placing my Taobao order, but it was sold out in the taobao shops ;__;
    And the photospread is a whole lot of awesome O.O
    How cool is this?
    Btw, where I live it's raining -.- But enjoy the weather ^^