Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

All The Small Things

...that make my life so much better (>.<)
I guess as soon as I move and start studying, I'll have to cut down on shopping drastically, since I'll need the money for a bit more important things like living and food and stuff...

Well, back to the main point of this post: shopping! xD

The first item was a pair of new Converse chucks. My current pair unraveled into its components, so I wanted new ones. Chucks are my all time favourite casual shoes, and, according to my new obsession with lilac, I looked for lilac/purple ones. I was so lucky to find a pair in my size, second hand, as good as new, for not even half of the price, yay! Ebay, I love you!

I love love love the colour!

Then, after coming across it on several fashion blogs, I visited the online shop, where they have quite cool stuff. Well, I didn't get any clothes, I'm so picky with clothes since I sew them on my own, but we all know how much I love jewellery, and I found some extremely pretty things there!
I think the service was quite good, they shipped quick and there were no problems at all.
The accessoires came in this cute present box:

And that's what was inside:

A purple butterfly ring, a snake ring, and a flowery bracelet

Last parcel ( I love opening parcels, it's like christmas ^^) was an order from qutieland.

 A doctor-styled bag in white. The quality is surprisingly good, it's still a bit crumply, but I think this will go away when I used it a few times. They say it's not applicable for heavy items, and I guess it's good to mind this advice, but besides that, I'm very content.

Then, the thing I was waiting for most eagerly: frilled rhs! I love them, they're so awesome, I can't wait doing a gothic or bittersweet lolita coord with them!
Actually, I've been thinking about costumizing the soles on the side, because there is so much space empty xD. I thought about rhinestones or something, what do you think? Is this even allowed. or should the soles been left empty and flawless?


  1. Die Rocking-Horses (so heißt das doch, oder?) sind ja echt klasse, aber ich bin ja absoluter Chucks-Fan (auch wenn ich grad keine habe, die sind kaputt gegangen...)
    Oh und danke für die Postkarte! Hab auch an deinem Brief weitergeschrieben, hab ja jetzt endlich wieder Zeit :)

  2. So viele schöne Sachen *__*
    Vor allem die RHs sind cool, auch wenn mir die klassischen lieber sind als diese.
    Aber die Idee die Sohlen zu dekorieren find ich irgendwie voll klasse, vor allem bei diesen, weil da die Sohlen im Vergleich zum Rest ja verdammt unschuldig aussehen ^^