Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

*THE* Dress

Hi folks,

I hope you're all well. I'm actually in the final throes of my oral exams, but I couldn't help but sewing the dress for the graduation ceremony...
For the upper part of the dress, I took the Burda Styla pattern for dress 116-062011 (Sue, is it the same as you use? I noticed afterwards - I'm sorry, Ididn't mean to copy you!).
I changed the neckline slightly (at least I thought so), and ended up in having a quite plunging neckline, which is really unusual to wear for me. The skirt is also costumized and consists now of a gathered panel, nothing outstanding.

As announced, it's black xD.
I used tons of chiffon, the lining is satin. I like the neckline with the neckholder straps a lot, that's why I chose this particuliar pattern (^.^)

The dress doesn't fit Venus too well, so please ignore the fact that it looks rather crumpled.

It's closed with a zipper on the left side.

An idea how to style it. I thougt about red highlights, like the belt, red shoes and maybe a red alice band. What do you think?
I really, really tride to keep it simple, but I can't abandon the impression I'll be hopelessly overdressed - nevertheless.

1 Kommentar:

  1. haha, genau das dachte ich auch, dass ich das auch genommen hab :) 2 doofe, 1 gedanke :D
    dein nahtverdeckter rv sieht aber besser aus als meiner ;_; ich muss das noch üben^^

    ein sehr schönes kleid! :)
    und die schuhe die du dazu im visier hast, sind auch sehr geil :)
    obwohl ich eher auf klassische pumps stehe- diese sehen eher aus wie tanzschuhe, oder?

    liebe grüße!

    oh und chakka, deine prüfungen sind bald vorbei :)