Dienstag, 28. Februar 2012

One Week Off

Hey my dears,

how are you doing? Due to the Basler Fasnacht, I don't have any lectures this week (^.^)
So I'm tidying up a little and also updated my Sales here on my blog, so why don't you have a look at it?

I also did some shopping some time ago, here's what I got:

A vest from Orsay. I have already some outfits with it in mind!

And some cute earrings with matching charms, from accessorize.

I wish you a nice week!


I'm selling a few things of my wardrobe.

-Prices are in Euro
-shipping included
-I do not smoke nor have pets
-if you're interested in one or several items, contact me via the comment task or via maracarmen@msn.com

After a transaction, please feel free to give me a feedback here!

Graceland Maryjanes, EU 37, 15.-
purple shoes with silver buckle, heels ca 5 cm, worn ca 5 times

Grey blouse, made by me, 8.-
Burda size 38, shoulder 39 cm, bust 96 cm, waist 90 cm, length 53 cm 
slightly stechy polyester-cotton fabric, with black cotton lace and ornamental stitch on the hem

Dark blue jersey shirt with puffed sleeves, made by me, 8.-
shoulder 42 cm, bust 95-120 cm, length 60 cm

short bolero, made by me, 7.-
made of black ribbed jersey, with puffed sleeves, hems crocheted
shoulder 40 cm, bust 95-120 cm, length 40 cm

short curled black wig, 15.-
medium qualitly, unworn


- Paperback, German, each 5.-
Anne Rice: Interview mit einem Vampir
Anne Rice: Der Kuss der Dämonen
Anne Rice: Der Duft der Unsterblichkeit
Anne Rice: Die Herrin des Schattenreichs
Melissa de la Cruz: Tochter der Finsternis
Melissa de la Cruz: Hüter des Unheils
Melissa de la Cruz: Schwester des Dämons
Melissa de la Cruz: Engel der Dämmerung
Stephenie Meyer: Biss zum Morgengrauen
Jean Paul: Siebenkäs
Franz Kafka: Die Verwandlung
Paul Wittwer: Eiger, Mord & Jungfrau
Georg Büchner: Woyzeck

- Hardback, German, each 10.-
Pamela Keogh: Was würde Audrey tun? Leben, lieben und reisen mit Stil
Michi xx: Wie es mir passt - Ansagen einer Fashionista
Stephenie Meyer: Biss zur Mittagstunde
Stephenie Meyer: Biss zum Abendrot
Stephenie Meyer: Biss zum Ende der Nacht

- Paperback, English, each 5.-
Nick Hornby: About a Boy
Lorraine Hansberry: A Raisin in the Sun
Mark Haddon: The curious Incident ot the Dog in the Night-time
Joan Lingard: Across the Baricades
Gillian Slovo: Red Dust

- Paperback, French, each 5.-
Francois d'Epenoux: Les Bobos me font mal
Tahar Ben Jelloun: Le racisme expliqué à ma fille
Alphonse Daudet: Lettres de mon moulin
Driss Chraibi: La civilisation, ma mère!...
Marcel Pagnol: Topaze
Jeunet Laurant: Le fabouleux destin d'Amélie Poulain

Samstag, 25. Februar 2012

Oh Mr Lauren, Do You Have A Fashion Advice For Me?

Recently, I've really been into boystyle when it comes to inspirational fashion. Not only Kodona style, but in general. So since I really liked the first part of the Ralph Lauren F/W 2012/13 fashion show, I thought I'd share my favourites with you:

Montag, 20. Februar 2012

Hey There

Wow, thank you so much for all your lovely comments for the new layout and my ready-mades. Of course, when I sew something for myself, I make what I like (at least I try to make it look the way I imagined it), but I'm always very flattered when I realize that there are actually people out there who like it too. So, again, thank you for being the best blog readers one could wish for!


Then, I noticed that I didn't have had a sale feedback page so far. I changed that, so you can leave a feedback if you once bought something from me or sold me something. You can find the feedback page here.


What else? Yes, right: I got tagged by Goldkind!

The rules:
-Link the person who tagged you.
-Answer the questions.
-Tag 11 other people.

-Ask the tagged ones 11 questions.
-Inform the tagged people

1.) What do you like best about blogging?
The comments, they're good for my ego. No, joking. I guess I like best that it's my own space where I can let out all the creativity and oddities.^^

2.) Do you use rather the new or the old Dashboard?
The old one.

3.) What's your favourite DIY technique?
Sewing. And ripping fabric along the straight grain. The feeling is awesome. xD

4.) Tea or Coffee?

5.) What career aspiration did you have as a child?
Patissier, actress, forensic doctor, princess. Not in that order, though.

6.) Work out: outside, inside, not at all?
Definitively outside.

7.) Favourite school subject?
Hmm, that's a hard one. Maths, I guess (but I'm serious about that!)

8.) Are you collecting anything?
Does "shoes" count?
I used to collect crown caps when I was little, I had about 30 different ones, but unfortunately, I threw them away. Now, I don't really collect anything, but I keep all the letters and cards I get, if this counts as collecting.

9.) Do you have an everyday scent?
No, actually not. I sometimes use the Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mist from the Body Shop.

10.) Any New Year's resolutions for 2012?

11.) Which bad habit would you like to turn off?
Sometimes I'm extremely impatient.

My questions:
1.) What's your favourite flavour?
2.) What's your dream destination to travel to?
3.) Do you wear nailpolish?
4.) What would you take with you on a lonely island?
5.) Your favourite weather?
6.) Which characteristic do you wish for?
7.) Sunshine or shadow?
8.) Can you keep a secret?
9.) Do you have an idol? If yes, who and why?
10.) What's your favourite piece of clothing?
11.) Is the world going to end this year?

I tag: (sorry, only 8 people)
Cute Shallot
S. van Vleermuisland
Pikku Mansikka

If anyone else likes to join in, please take the questions and answer them! <3

Freitag, 17. Februar 2012

All Ready Made

Hello my dears,

so I've changed my layout - again, I know. But I like it this time quite a lot and hope to stick with this one...


This week, I made two ready-mades.
One of them is a pair of jeans I turned into a skirt:

Since I had no fancy fabric left that would have matched the skirt and also didn't want to buy new one extra for this project, I decided to make the skirt simple and all black. So for the ruffled part, I used the legs of the jeans. The edges I left without a hem, so the fabric can fray as much as it wants. I kind of like the whole used look, and thanks to the simple look I can style it in various ways (^.-)


For the other thing I had fun taking some pics during the process to share it with you (not that it's extraordinarily complex xD )
Basically, I got the inspiration from this awesome Outfit by Atelier P-I-N-K-Y.

The materials: an old T-shirt, some fabric and thread in red, blue and white, and later on, some eyelets.

Then, I shortened the sleeves and cut the fabric into straps, to make ruffles out of them.

Ruffles! I idea for the three-coloured overlock seams I got from this jersey dress by Natron. She didn't have enough overlock thread so she used thee different coloured threds instead, and I thought, that looks really nice, so why not show these seams also to the rest of the world instead of hiding them?

Next, I sewed the ruffles onto the sleeve and neckline hems.

In the end, I added a bow and some eyelets - done!

I hope you liked it!

Montag, 13. Februar 2012

Some Little Sewing

Hey everyone,

how are you?
At the moment, there's not a lot happening here, I have my last week of nothing to do break and I also caught a little flue, so nothing special regarding the temeratures outside.
I know, it has been a while, but I finally managed to do some little sewing:

I made a longsleeve from a piece of cream coloured fabric I got on sale. It's extremely soft and comfy, some sort of viscose mix, and cannot be photographed properly without nasty wrinkles, so please just ignore those.

With the overlock sewing machine, it was very easy and quick to make it, only for the hems I used the normal sewing machine. To add a little cuteness, I sewed cotton lace on the sleeve and neckline hems (^.^)

It's really not white, the colour is just hard to catch. At the moment, I'm really fond of brown and cream colors when I dress up, so this shirt matches my current mood quite well.

Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

HFW #8

8th Harajuku Fashion Walk 2012 - oh, how much I'd like to be there once and see actually see it! :3

Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

Flower Bed

Hey my dears,

sorry for not posting a lot recently, but I just rather enjoy my semester break than sitting in front of the computer... I hope you understand (^.-)

But at least I made some progress with my quilt and worked on a side part of it:

Looks a bit like a flower bed, doesn't it?
Next thing to go is the connection between the middle part and the side part.

I hope you have a wonderful winter time!