Samstag, 29. Januar 2011

X-treme X-press Miniskirt

I'm planning to go out tonight, but I didn't know what to wear (yes, I belong to those who have a closet full of nothing to put on^^), so I quickly made a miniskirt. I used black Ditte and I guess it has a hem cicrumfence of approximately 5 m, which you can't tell by just looking at it, but this is great so I can wear it also with Lolita, over another, longer skirt of course.
For tonight, I think I'll combine it with my Gruftkitsch Corset. I wish you a nice Saturday night!

Oh My

ROFL. Just found this on tumblr.

Freitag, 28. Januar 2011

May I Have My Winter Back, Please?

Weather is really strange at the moment here. Once it's pretty cold, then it's like 15°C again, and the snow keeps melting away. Hey, I like spring, but it's still january! I hope we'll have some more snow this year.
But I finished another sewing project: a skirt! For the underskirt, I took black Ditte. I embroidered a bat in tribal style to the front. I detected that embroidery really pleased me. Does someone of you know a good book or something about embroidery? I'd really like to improve my skills.
Sorry for the blotches, I just washed the chalk marks away, maybe I should have waited for it to dry before taking pictures^^
The overskirt is made from black lace fabric. Did I already mention how much I love my ruffle foot? (^.^)

Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011

Petti And Coat

Hey my dears!
How are you? I finally got my super-petti. I heard several times that it's really good, so I ordered it at QutieLand (where it seems to be out of stock now, I just noticed). Unfortunately, they had some problems with the DollscroP's shop owner, so I had to wait for it about three month. But now it arrived and I'm very happy.

The petticoat is very light, you can stuff it extremely, what can be useful if you're travelling, but it doesn't seem to lose any of it's volume. I haven't worn it outside yet, but it makes a good impression so far.
Then I finished a pretty long-winded project: I made another coat. I used thin black cord and about five meters of trimming border, which I sewed on all by hand (I'm not sure where this glorious idea came from). As a lining, I took simple black satin, since they hadn't any nice pastell colours. As you can see, I love my new ruffle foot for the sewing machine, so I covered it in ruffles^^.
I couldn't find any adequate buttons, so I took some normal black ones and glued the rest of the trimming border around them. I just hope they last!
Then I also added some little bows of satin ribbon. They're actually not so shiny, this only looks like because of the flash.
Well, I guess this pocket is a bit useless, but I think it's cute (^.^)
By the way, thank you for your inputs for my navy-sailor-whatever-project, but I couldn't already decide xD. Fell free to share your ideas with me.
Then, I've thought about doing some sewing tutorials every now and then. Would you be interested? I'll maybe show you how to do little things, but of course, if you have a specific question about something I already sewed, you ask me and then I'll try to explain. What do you think? Is there any need for this or might this be rather unnecessary?

Sonntag, 23. Januar 2011

Inspiring Sunday: Aye Aye Captain!

Since I'm still looking for ideas for my latest project, the navy-inspired jacket plus skirt, today's inspiration post is meant to help me finally make a decision (^.^)
I like these double-breasted dress/jacket, but now I think I won't do one for me and stay with single-breasted.
With the collar, I'm not sure. The one above looks very interesting, but the stand-up collar below is nice too, of course without fur. But maybe this might look too army-like?
These two skirts are very lovely with the buttons and pockets, but I'd like to make my skirt simple and without any buttons, so I can combine it with other stlyes too.
Well, these shoes! *sigh*
So, I wish you a good new week!

Samstag, 22. Januar 2011

Country x Kuro

Today, I dressed up in Lolita after long time again. I just missed my petticoats! (^.^)
I was wearing my new Country skirt and I love it!

Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

Colour Like No Other

Today, the Postman made me very happy. He brought me a letter with an extremely cute (and a bit belated, but who cares xD) christmas present! My sweet Sue sent me this colourfull (it's puple ouside!) penholder. Isn't it so refreshing and exhilarant? I can use this totally well. Of course, I had to fill it with my pens immediately. From now on, they'll be stored pretty and orderly and won't lie about in every corner of my room^^
And the card which came with it is soo cute too!
Dear Sue, I thank you so much! This really cheered me up this morning! *kisses*

Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

Come To The Dark Side, We Have Heart-Shaped Cookies!

Don't worry, there'll be soon something sewed again here, I almost finished it, there are only some nice buttons missing (^.^)
BUT I might need your help with something else. Last time I was at my favourite fabric shop, they had some fabrics on sale, so I bought 3,5 m of a beautiful dark blue fabric.
I'm planning to do a deux-pièce out of it, but not one of these unsophsticated ones, I thougt of a short-waisted jacket and a high-waisted Lolita skirt which I can also wear with Classic or Casual. About the skirt, I'm already pretty sure how I'll do it, but not for the jacket.
I'd like to do something in navy style, but I'm not very versed in this topic. Do you have suggestions? Or inspiring pictures/outifts/links...? Should I make it single- or double-breasted? Silver or gold buttons?
Well, you see, I don't really have an idea yet. Fortunately, it's rather a spring-summer-theme, so I'll have a bit time left to decide...but I'd be very thankful if you might give me a little hint!

Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011

Inspiring Sunday: Lost My Heart On A Sugary Carnival



Another Weekend almost over, I hope you're ready for Monday (^.^)
Today's Inspiration Post is about my most (and only) loved Lolita print: Sugary Carnival by Angelic Pretty. Even if I'm more into bittersweet, I enjoy looking at OTT Sweet Lolitas, with their hair piled up and covered in accessoires. Sugary Carnival therefore is - for me - the incarnation of OTT Sweet itself. I heard the cut isn't that flattering for most of the girls, especially the jsk. Nevertheless, this is probably the only brand item with Sweet print I'd really like to have (one day, you know...), I think either in lavender or in black.



Marie from Pastelraindrops


By Gurololi

Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

Vinyl And Vintage

When it's about certain things, I'm terribly old-fashioned. Recording mediums, for example. We used to have a record player when I was little, and I simply loved it. The fascination for the turning record, the quiet clicking noise. I've always been dreaming of a real antique grammophone. Unfortunately these are pretty rare and expensive, but I finally found a relatively good record player which was still affordable for me.
I'm quite impressed by all the buttons and the technique that seems to be in this thing. I'm very happy with it, the few disc records I own go perfectly, and maybe I'll get the old ones from my uncle. He has several discs from the 80ies (you know, the time when music still was good music), I'd love to hear them.
Then, I was at the cinema to watch Burlesque. I can't see why there were such bad reviews, I thought it was great. The music, the costumes, the whole burlesque thing... I hope I'll see a real burlesque show once.
I wore my new skirt (the shirt, by the way, is this one).
I even adapted my make-up to the skirt. It's somehow quite long time since I last used coloured eye shadow, normally I go with good old black one (^.^)

Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2011

Lovelace Boudoir

Some of you may know that Bibian Blue is one of my very favourite corset designers. Recently, she released the pictures of her latest collection called Lovelace Boudoir (it's such a beautiful name for a corset collection, isn't it?).
I think she made, once again, stunning work. You can visit her on her Blog or on Facebook.

Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

Caterpillar Girls

It's already quite long ago, but maybe you remember our Lolita meetup in December where some tv people accompanied us? Recently, another article popped up. You can read it here. I think the viedo is very nice made, I especially love the music.
But I don't agree with the article itself. They considered a psychologist (something that seems to be very popular when it's about journalists to write about Lolita), according to whom we all have a so-called Cinderella-complex, which means we want to freeze the time, so we can be forever a little girl, daddys princess.
Well, this may be true for some of us, but not for me. I sew Lolita clothes, because they unite everything I love, and it gives me infinitively many possibilities to let out my creativity. So why shouldn't I also wear them? So, for me it's a hobby, maybe one day my profession, and as much as I look up to livestyle Lolitas (oh yes, I do), and as wonderful it might me to be a little girl again sometimes, I still want to become adult (in fact, I probably should already be adult xD).
So, enough of my mind tangles, since this already has been discussed for many many times. Tea and cake for everyone?

Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

Inspiring Sunday: Where's the lady's maid to tie my corset?

Hi my dears!
I hope you had a nice weekend. I spent mine with some very kind and funny people (hi Isa!^^). And I changed the layout (you may have noticed). How do you like it?
I'm sorry, I neglected the Inspiring-Sunday-posts a bit, but I'll try to do one every week. Today, my inspiration comes from one of my favourite corset and lingerie shops: FairyGothMother. I don't own a corset from there, but they make really beautiful things.