Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011

Adding Lilac To My Wardrobe

Yesterday, I went to the cinema and saw Rapunzel in 3D. I'm still not really convinced of it, but the film was very good, I laughed and cried both. This is what I was wearing:
Not my best-facial-expression-day, I'm afraid.
Today, I went shopping and spent ways too much money.
First, I bought this wonderful vintage skirt. So far, lavender or lilac was not pesent in my wardrobe, which I'd like to change a bit. I mean, it's such a wonderful colour! The skirt is too short to wear with Lolita, and I'll have to take it in, but the print is so adorable!

Then I made the obligatory side trip to H&M, where I got two pairs of bright lace tights, a cute bow belt and some silver hair clips, everything on sale (yay!).
The two omnious things on the right are sewing machine foots: a Teflon foot and, finally, a ruffle foot! I'm so glad I have one now, so my life will be soooo much easier from now on xD.
Talking about the ruffle foot, there are two bigger sewing projects in my mind, where it will take an important role. For those who are curious, here's a little hint for one of the projects:
Now I'll only have to find some pretty buttons... guess what I'm planning?


  1. wenn du lila magst, dann wird dir dein geschenk vllt gefallen ^^

    sorry, ich hab letztens vergessen es zu der post mit zu nehmen und es sitzt hier noch bei mir rum :S
    ich bin noch nicht dazu gekommen, tut mir leid, sei mir nicht böse :(

  2. Juhuuu Geschenkeee! xD
    nee ich bin dir doch nicht böse! du schickst es einfach ab wann du willst. und grüss es schön von mir, ich freue mich schon^^