Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

Starring: Stripes

Hi dolls,

besides shopping, I also sewed a little the past few days. If you're german-speaking, you might want to pay a visit to Natron&Soda, my favourite sewing forum. I currently feature a Work-In-Progress to reduce my to-sew-list there (^.^)

One thing I made was a thingy to hang in the bathroom, which should organize my stuff. Honestly, girls do have too many beauty products! So originally, I just wanted to buy one at Ikea. However, I ended up not buying the thingy, but two meters of this beautiful, pink-grey-offwhite striped cotton fabric. I can't help it, no matter what I intend to get at Ikea, I always leave with fabric instead *sigh*

Lots of ruffles, I know. I couldn't fight it! It was stronger than me, I swear!

On the upside, now everything has its place, I hope, I can keep the order haha (*.*)

Another item I desperately needed was a decent bag for concerts. I'm always afraid I might lose my stuff or something could get stolen. Plus, I finally wanted a bag that has enough space, unlike those itty-bitty bags you have to cram all your things inside and everytime you want to take out something, everything else falls out too (>.<)

I recently saw a bag of similar size on a concert and tought, that would be a convenient one. Of course, I had to add some ruffles too, and a little bow (^.^).

It isn't exactly the most accurate thing I ever sewed, on the contrary. But it had to go fast, I wanted to take it to the next concert, which is tomorrow! Anyways, it was more important to me that it's resistant to all the inconvenients involved with a concert. And it had to be black. xD

The bag has a zipper for the main pocket and a seperate pocket, without closure, in the front.

On the inside, I made another pocket with zipper. Do you recognize the lining? It's a leftover from my quilt.
The best thing about this bag is that it's made entirely of fabrics and materials I already had at home. So, it's not only unique and costumized to my needs and tastes, but also way cheaper than if had just bought one! Those are the moments I really appreciate my hobby (^.^)

As I'll be quite busy for the next days, I already wish you a nice weekend. Take care!

Mittwoch, 18. September 2013

Minnie Mouse Mania

Hi cuties,

in August, I spent a wonderful elongated weekend in Berlin. Besides other pleasures, I absolutely wanted to visit Melissa from Mademoiselle Oppossum, who runs a very cute Lolita/Fairy Kei shop.

I first learned about her on entr berlin, a youtube channel filming and reporting from - you name it - Berlin.

It was absolutely worth visiting Melissa and her shop, if you are in Berlin, you should totally check it out! Besides cute accessoires, she also sells beautiful dresses and clothes, all handmade. 
However, if you don't have the chance to go to Berlin anytime soon, she also runs an etsy shop.

I bought a cute deer badge, cake shaped earrings in pastel colours and a red hairbow with white dots.
I needed the hairbow to complete the collection I started some time ago:

It began with a sale at Claire's (always a dangerous business xD), where I got the earrings, ring, necklace and barrettes. The cell phone sock I bought later, after I lost my old one, also at Claire's. The jumper finally is secondhand.
I don't intend to wear it all at the same time (^.-) but Minnie has always been one of my favourite ficional characters.

Dienstag, 17. September 2013

Finding Neverland

Hi lovelies,

some time ago, I ordered jewellery from this amazing etsy shop, NeverlandJewelry. They have really adorable items, all handmade. They arrived quite some time ago, so I thought it was time for a little review.

As I ordered via etsy, the process was very fast and simple. The items were shipped quickly and arrived soon after I had placed my order. Since everything went smoothly, I had no closer contact with the seller.

I ordered three items. They were wrapped seperately in little boxes, very carefully so nothing would break. 

Beside the boxes with the jewellery, I also got a flyer and a hadwritten thank you note, which I think is very thoughtful. I always like unwrapping stuff I ordered online (it's just like christmas (^.^)), and little things like that make it even more enjoyable!

With my love for zombies, I went for the more gory jewellery (^.-). I got the Zombie Brain earrings, Zombie Love Anatomical Heart necklace and Antique Syring necklace. First I thought the price was quite high, I normally don't spend as much on jewellery, but the high qualitly totally makes up for it. The items are so detailled, almost real.

I would instantly order again from NewerlandJewelry and I recomend the shop to everyone who likes well-made, unique accessoires. Those who are not too much into zombies, don't worry, they also sell many other items, like tiny books, fruit or amazing jellyfishes.

I hope you enjoyed the review!

Freitag, 13. September 2013

Musée De La Marionette

Hey cuties,

as promised, the post to the Lolita meet-up we had on the 1.September (^.^)
We met in the early afternoon in Fribourg and went first to the puppet museum. It is really really tiny, but very cute made and decorated. I was surprised to learn that puppets are/were also widely spread in China, the orient and the Middle East, somehow I had always assumed puppets are commonly found in Europe, I don't know why.

Photo by Tanja

Chinese Shaow play; photo by Tanja

After visiting the museum, we went to the Auberge aux 4 Vents, a little restaurant right next to Fribourg. There's no bus to get there, so we had to walk a litte (a little further than planned because we got lost fist, but then we found our way quickly).

Photo by Lea

The restaurant itself is very beautiful, but the garden is just breathtaking. We were lucky with the weather, so after drinks and cake, we took some pictures!

Photo by Lea

Me and Fifi; photos following by Lea

Outfit rundown:
Umbrella. Lisbeht Dahl
Kanzashi alice band & shoes: handmade/altered by me
Crochet lace bolero & lace collar: ebay
Longsleeve: handmade
Corset: handmade
Jsk: Innocent World
Tights& socks: H&M

The whole group

Afterwards, several of us had some time left before going back home, so we decided to go to the town house of Fribourg, which I adore, and take some more photos.
I guess that's just what Lolitas do (^.-)

With Lea

It was a very nice meet-up, I met lots of beautiful and nice people, and everything went more or less as planned. If all meet-ups would go off without a hich like this one!

By the way, for several days now I'm the proud owner of a kindle. I was opposed to get one for a long time, since I think books shouldn't require electric power to be read, but people told me how practical it is, and I must admit, they're right! It's just so convenient not to carry around one or several heavy books.
But don't worry, I still love books, especially the beautiful hardcover copies, or large illustrated art books.
So in order to accomplish my love of pretty things, I bought this beautiful wine red cover for my kindle, to protect it and make it feel a little like a real book, too (^.^)

Photo by Pyl

And a bonus picture; some details of my outfit, accessoires an a bit of my hairdo:

Photo by Pyl

Donnerstag, 12. September 2013

Back From The Undead

Ok, after I announced the same resolution some time ago, I'll have another try and hereby solemny swear that I'm up to no good I'll try to be a good blogger and write more often from now on. The past weeks I was kind of busy while feeling like a zombie from time to time, but sometimes that's just life.
However, there are some things I'd like to show you. We had a Lolita meet-up some time ago, I'll make a seperate post for this.
Then I had another chance to dress up a little; we had quite a big family celebration in an alpine cabin that is a little isolated in the mountains, so I decided to wear one of my favourite jsks and go for an inspired Classic Lolita look:

Not the best picture, but you can see most of my outfit; I wasn't wearing a petticoat and just brown tights and boots with it.
I was also responsible for the cakes:

All my work (^.^) please ignore the cake roulade in the front. Although it was very tasty, it looked not very appealing. I had tried to make one several times now, but I never succeed to create a decent looking one.
Oh well.
Something I'm much better at is baking muffins:

Yoghurt muffins with raspberry cream and chocolate-raspberry muffins in the background.