Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

Starring: Stripes

Hi dolls,

besides shopping, I also sewed a little the past few days. If you're german-speaking, you might want to pay a visit to Natron&Soda, my favourite sewing forum. I currently feature a Work-In-Progress to reduce my to-sew-list there (^.^)

One thing I made was a thingy to hang in the bathroom, which should organize my stuff. Honestly, girls do have too many beauty products! So originally, I just wanted to buy one at Ikea. However, I ended up not buying the thingy, but two meters of this beautiful, pink-grey-offwhite striped cotton fabric. I can't help it, no matter what I intend to get at Ikea, I always leave with fabric instead *sigh*

Lots of ruffles, I know. I couldn't fight it! It was stronger than me, I swear!

On the upside, now everything has its place, I hope, I can keep the order haha (*.*)

Another item I desperately needed was a decent bag for concerts. I'm always afraid I might lose my stuff or something could get stolen. Plus, I finally wanted a bag that has enough space, unlike those itty-bitty bags you have to cram all your things inside and everytime you want to take out something, everything else falls out too (>.<)

I recently saw a bag of similar size on a concert and tought, that would be a convenient one. Of course, I had to add some ruffles too, and a little bow (^.^).

It isn't exactly the most accurate thing I ever sewed, on the contrary. But it had to go fast, I wanted to take it to the next concert, which is tomorrow! Anyways, it was more important to me that it's resistant to all the inconvenients involved with a concert. And it had to be black. xD

The bag has a zipper for the main pocket and a seperate pocket, without closure, in the front.

On the inside, I made another pocket with zipper. Do you recognize the lining? It's a leftover from my quilt.
The best thing about this bag is that it's made entirely of fabrics and materials I already had at home. So, it's not only unique and costumized to my needs and tastes, but also way cheaper than if had just bought one! Those are the moments I really appreciate my hobby (^.^)

As I'll be quite busy for the next days, I already wish you a nice weekend. Take care!

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  1. Oh, der Stoff ist ja toll. Sag mir doch nicht, dass es sowas bei Ikea gibt, ist ja nicht so als hätte ich kein Stofflager :-)
    Und danke für die Idee, unser neues Badezimmer hat keinen Platz mehr für ein Regal, daher such ich schon die ganze Zeit nach Stauraumalternativen, aber an ein Utensilo an der Tür hab ich natürlich nicht gedacht. Manchmal kann das Leben so einfach sein :-)
    Und deines ist toll geworden. Mit den ganzen Rüschen erinnert es mich an so kitschiges Beauty-Zeug aus den 50ern, Badehauben, Frisierumhänge etc.