Dienstag, 17. September 2013

Finding Neverland

Hi lovelies,

some time ago, I ordered jewellery from this amazing etsy shop, NeverlandJewelry. They have really adorable items, all handmade. They arrived quite some time ago, so I thought it was time for a little review.

As I ordered via etsy, the process was very fast and simple. The items were shipped quickly and arrived soon after I had placed my order. Since everything went smoothly, I had no closer contact with the seller.

I ordered three items. They were wrapped seperately in little boxes, very carefully so nothing would break. 

Beside the boxes with the jewellery, I also got a flyer and a hadwritten thank you note, which I think is very thoughtful. I always like unwrapping stuff I ordered online (it's just like christmas (^.^)), and little things like that make it even more enjoyable!

With my love for zombies, I went for the more gory jewellery (^.-). I got the Zombie Brain earrings, Zombie Love Anatomical Heart necklace and Antique Syring necklace. First I thought the price was quite high, I normally don't spend as much on jewellery, but the high qualitly totally makes up for it. The items are so detailled, almost real.

I would instantly order again from NewerlandJewelry and I recomend the shop to everyone who likes well-made, unique accessoires. Those who are not too much into zombies, don't worry, they also sell many other items, like tiny books, fruit or amazing jellyfishes.

I hope you enjoyed the review!

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