Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

Lolita New Year's Eve 2011/12

Hey everyone!

Good news: I passed all my exams, and even with much much better grades than I've ever expected (^.^)

So since I'm a bit in party mood anyways, I thought I'd share some pics of the Lolita Silvester Party I talked about earlier with you. Sorry this didn't come earlier, I didn't had the good pictures until just now, but who cares, right? At least, it's still january xD
So, as I said, we had a Lolita Party on New Year's Eve, and Pilzchen, Aya and me were organizing it. It was the first time I had hosted such an event, so I was very glad I was not on my own. We organized our own location, istalled a photo corner with self timer, had crèpes for dinner, sat together and talked, and of course, at midnight, clinked glasses. Later, when everyone got tired, we watched movies, such as X Cross and The Addams Family. We were about 15 people and I hope we did not a too bad job, I think everyone more or less enjoyed it (^.^)

all of us

crazy pic xD

The hosts: me in Sweet Lolita, Aya with her faboulous lilac hair (love it!) & Pilzchen in an awesome Kodona outfit

my Outfit:
Headbow & Skirt: handmade
Blouse: handmade
Sock toppers: handmade
Shoes: Bodyline

Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Sea Of Fog

Hello my dear readers,

as you can see, I'm back from first learning, then writing semester exams and then partying (^.^)
I must admit, I was unusually worried about those exams, since I had no idea whether I had really understood the subject matter and where I stood compared to my fellow students, but I survived everything, and so far I know that I passed three of five exams (and with a much better graade than I expected)!

So right now I'm enjoying my semester break, and to make all of you jealous who don't have much snow right now, I have some pictures I took the other day when I went skiing:

Montag, 9. Januar 2012

Sensual Beauty

Some inspiring photography I'd like to share with you.
Styling: Bibian Blue
Photography: Caitlin Bellah
Picture source

Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

A Week Full Of Learning

Hi everyone!

How was your week?
Mine was not too eventful, since I'll have my first exam tomorrow, I spent mine mainly with learning (or, at least, I tried to do so...).

Well, that's how it looks like, when I try to understand statistics xD

some veggies to keep concentrated

I also went a bit shopping, since I needed a new diary - I think it fits into my room quite well, I love this colour at the moment anyway (*.*)

I also got the new Bibian Blue calendar - do I have to mention how much I love it?

Made myself another little Chrismats present with silver sparkly nail polish and cute bow-shaped earstuds and necklace.

Finally, something special I'd like to share with you: I got this beautiful agenda by Victoria Frances for Christmas. It is extermely pretty, almost too pretty to write something in it! And besides that, it also matches perfectly with my notebook - isn't that awesome?

Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012

Victorian Age Ice Skating

Welcome back in the new year, my lovely readers!
I hope you had a great time and a lot of fun during Neew Year's Eve. Me for my part was celebrating with some other Lolitas, we had a location resevered only for us, made crèpes for dinner and had a lovely time. Photos will follow as soon as I recieve the good ones (^.^)

I lately came over this website with lots of lovely Victorian fashion, and, very interesting, a guide to go ice skating like a lady!
I found the Victorian Skating Rules very entertaining, so I thought I'd share them with you:

1. Avoid skates which are strapped on the feet, as they prevent the circulation, and the foot becomes frozen before the skater is aware of it, because the tight strapping benumbs the foot and deprives it of feeling. A young lady at Boston lost a foot in this way; another in New York her life, by endeavoring to thaw her feet in warm water after taking off her skates. The safest kind are those which receive the forepart of the foot in a kind of toe, and stout leather around the heel, buckling in front of the ankle only, thus keeping the heel in place without spikes or screws, and aiding greatly in supporting the ankle.

2. It is not the object so much to skate fast, as to skate gracefully; and this is sooner and more easily learned by skating with deliberation; while it prevents overheating, and diminishes the chances of taking cold by cooling off too soon afterward.

3. If the wind is blowing, a veil should be worn over the face, at least of ladies and children: otherwise fatal inflammation of the lungs, "pneumonia," may take place.

4. Do not sit down to rest a single half minute; nor stand still, if there is any wind; nor stop a moment after the skates are taken off; but walk about, so as to restore the circulation about the feet and toes, and to prevent being chilled.

5. It is safer to walk home than to ride; the latter is almost certain to give a cold.

6. It would be a safe rule for no child or lady to be on skates longer than an hour at a time.

7. The grace, exercise, and healthfulness of skating on the ice can be had, without any of its dangers, by the use of skates with rollers attached, on common floors; better, if covered with oil-cloth.

from "Hall's Journal of Health", 1864

Do you enjoy going ice skating? Or what are your favourite activities in winter?