Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Sea Of Fog

Hello my dear readers,

as you can see, I'm back from first learning, then writing semester exams and then partying (^.^)
I must admit, I was unusually worried about those exams, since I had no idea whether I had really understood the subject matter and where I stood compared to my fellow students, but I survived everything, and so far I know that I passed three of five exams (and with a much better graade than I expected)!

So right now I'm enjoying my semester break, and to make all of you jealous who don't have much snow right now, I have some pictures I took the other day when I went skiing:


  1. Oh my god, that looks amazing!!! Screw the snow, I want to be on top of those clouds! :D
    And congrats on your exam results ^^