Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

Lolita New Year's Eve 2011/12

Hey everyone!

Good news: I passed all my exams, and even with much much better grades than I've ever expected (^.^)

So since I'm a bit in party mood anyways, I thought I'd share some pics of the Lolita Silvester Party I talked about earlier with you. Sorry this didn't come earlier, I didn't had the good pictures until just now, but who cares, right? At least, it's still january xD
So, as I said, we had a Lolita Party on New Year's Eve, and Pilzchen, Aya and me were organizing it. It was the first time I had hosted such an event, so I was very glad I was not on my own. We organized our own location, istalled a photo corner with self timer, had crèpes for dinner, sat together and talked, and of course, at midnight, clinked glasses. Later, when everyone got tired, we watched movies, such as X Cross and The Addams Family. We were about 15 people and I hope we did not a too bad job, I think everyone more or less enjoyed it (^.^)

all of us

crazy pic xD

The hosts: me in Sweet Lolita, Aya with her faboulous lilac hair (love it!) & Pilzchen in an awesome Kodona outfit

my Outfit:
Headbow & Skirt: handmade
Blouse: handmade
Sock toppers: handmade
Shoes: Bodyline

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