Montag, 27. Mai 2013

Back From The Dead

Hi lovelies,

I haven't written anything here for quite a while, because, to be honest, there wasn't really something I could have been writing about...
But oh well, lately I've been crafting a bit again and I thought it would be nice to show you what I've done (^.^)

First thing to do was to make a pair of shoes prettier. The shape and everything was quite cute already, but the bows on them kept falling off. Originally, there have been two bows on every shoe, but I had lost one and the others could be torn off easily. Sad! (>.<)

So I made two new bows, took two od the old bows and added some pearls:

I'm really happy with them now, they will go perfectly with classic lolita and are also a little eyecatcher.
Maybe some of you recognise the fabric I used for the bows? It's from a jsk I sewed last year. Speaking of which, I also needed a hair accessoire to wear with that jsk. So I made an alice band adorned with kanzashi flowers, lace and pearls:

Besides that it matches the jsk, I think I can wear it also with mori girl inspired styles, don't you think so too?

And just for the fun ot it, I made up a coord with the jsk and the new accessoires:

The blouse is from Innocent world, brooch is handmade, pearl necklace is from ebay and the deer necklase is  from sheinside.

While I was at it, I made another alice band, this time using fake flowers and leaves. I guess I thought about a spring forest fairy or something like this, haha (^.-)

Besides that, I got two new hats. You know how much I love hats, and I wanted something to wear in spring and summer. So I bought two big simple straw hats and adorned them too:

For the first one, I used big pink orchids.

On the second hat, I addes yellow lillies and white chiffon fabric, tied to a bow in the back:

Now I only hope summer will come soon, so I can wear my new hats (^.^). Are you looking forward to summer too?