Montag, 27. Mai 2013

Back From The Dead

Hi lovelies,

I haven't written anything here for quite a while, because, to be honest, there wasn't really something I could have been writing about...
But oh well, lately I've been crafting a bit again and I thought it would be nice to show you what I've done (^.^)

First thing to do was to make a pair of shoes prettier. The shape and everything was quite cute already, but the bows on them kept falling off. Originally, there have been two bows on every shoe, but I had lost one and the others could be torn off easily. Sad! (>.<)

So I made two new bows, took two od the old bows and added some pearls:

I'm really happy with them now, they will go perfectly with classic lolita and are also a little eyecatcher.
Maybe some of you recognise the fabric I used for the bows? It's from a jsk I sewed last year. Speaking of which, I also needed a hair accessoire to wear with that jsk. So I made an alice band adorned with kanzashi flowers, lace and pearls:

Besides that it matches the jsk, I think I can wear it also with mori girl inspired styles, don't you think so too?

And just for the fun ot it, I made up a coord with the jsk and the new accessoires:

The blouse is from Innocent world, brooch is handmade, pearl necklace is from ebay and the deer necklase is  from sheinside.

While I was at it, I made another alice band, this time using fake flowers and leaves. I guess I thought about a spring forest fairy or something like this, haha (^.-)

Besides that, I got two new hats. You know how much I love hats, and I wanted something to wear in spring and summer. So I bought two big simple straw hats and adorned them too:

For the first one, I used big pink orchids.

On the second hat, I addes yellow lillies and white chiffon fabric, tied to a bow in the back:

Now I only hope summer will come soon, so I can wear my new hats (^.^). Are you looking forward to summer too?


  1. I love the idea of the bows and pearls on the shoes. And the yellow flower hat is my favourite

  2. Ob das Wetter noch vor Mitte Juni gut wird steht wohl in den Sternen. Hoffentlich haben wir für das nächsten Treffen ein bisschen Sonne... :-S
    Ich finde das Outfit hübsch, mir gefällt vor allem diese Hirsch-Kette *.* Die gibt es nicht zufällig auch in Silber? Muss nachher gleich mal die Website stalken. ;-)
    Darf ich fragen wo du die Strohhüte gekauft hast? Ich möchte mir nämlich diesen Sommer auch einen kaufen und etwas verschönern, aber ich habe bisher noch keinen mit einer so schönen Form gesehen wie die deinen sie haben. Ach, Hüte sind einfach was Tolles!

    1. Danke schön! Die Kette gibts glaub ich nur in Gold, aber vllt findest du irgenwo ne ähnliche? Die Hüte habe ich auf ebay gekauft, hatte total Glück dass da jemand gleich 2 so schöne verkauft (^.^)