Sonntag, 7. Juli 2013


Hello lovelies,

I know I have been a terrible blogger lately. But I have a good excuse; there's been a lot of change the last few weeks, so I just had almost no free time. To make up for the unexpected hiatus, however, this post will be quite long (^.-)

Real life tetris

I moved again. I struggled with university courses and kind of lost my motivation for going to school, so I'm doing an internship now instead. So I packed my stuff and moved back to my mum's place, because my new work place is much closer from here. Normally, moving can be a rather expensive affair, but luckily I just had to get some new book shelves (pictured above). 
I say luckily because I got a very pleasant surprise this week and for which I have to start now saving up money...:

Vienna calling

Yes yes yes, I can attend the Innocent World tea party in Vienna in October after all! 
It was sold out after three minutes and it had taken me four minutes to finish my application, because the server I used had some problems (apparently, I haven't been the only one with these issues). But some people backed out, so I moved up and got a place. I'm so excited! Last time I was in Vienna was about five years ago, and I always wanted to go back there, it's such an amazing city (^.^).
Of course, I'm also looking forward to meet all the gorgeous Lolitas from Austria and the rest of the world. It's the first official tea party I'll attend, but I'm sure it'll be great. Is anyone of you lovely readers also attending?

Lavender & Lace

Besides that, I also did some sewing. For me, I made two things, one of which is a black underbust corset. I've wanted to sew one for ages, black and simple, so I can wear it with different styles.

Well, in the end it was not just simple black. I had some lace fabric from another project left over, so I doubled it with black cotton.
Looking back, I think I should have done the same with the edging instead of taking normal cotton bias tape, but oh well. I'll see how it goes and if it's too horrible, I can always change it.

Similar to the corset vest I made in spring, it's short enough to wear it with a petticoat respectively a Lolita outfit. I made the pattern myself, nothing exciting, just a normal corset pattern consisting of five panels per side.

For the lining, I took a leftover of mint coloured cotton fabric with little polkadots. Isn't it cute? I like it when my clothes look pretty from the inside too (^.^)

The second garment I made is a dress/top (depending on what you consider still to be a dress xD).
I used this very light jersey that is super comfortable to wear but really impractical to handle. So it turned out not very perfect.

However, I love this colour so much, so I'm going to wear ir anyways. Now I just have to come up with an outfit that doesn't make it look like a nightgown...

The tiny bow buttons are a little darker than the fabric but otherwise match it really good. That was a coincidence, I had them in my collection for some time without knowing what to do with them.
I really like this kind of top/dress, maybe I'll make another one, I have the same fabric in cream lying around somewhere (^.^).

So, that's what's new so far. Well, actually, there is more, but it's not blog-worthy yet. But don't worry, I hope I can write about it soon. Until then, I hope you keep posted!


  1. Hello! I'm so glad you decided to do a new post. I really like your blog and I was hoping you weren't going inactive with it. I really like the purple top/lounge dress you made. It has a really nice color and it looks so comfy to wear. I also really adore the bow buttons. They go quite perfectly with it. Congrats on your new place! I hope everything is going well in regards to that.

    I sent an email to you, but I'm not sure you got it or you just haven't responded yet, but I would like to ask your permission to feature your blog on my own: I really enjoy all your sewing posts and as a mostly homemade Lolita myself, I find them inspirational. Let me know if you say yay or nay soon, k? I would really love to feature you, but of course, only with your permission. Have a nice day! <3

  2. Hey, schön mal wieder von dir zu hören. *g*
    Ich freu mich für dich, dass du es doch zu der Innocent World tea party schaffst, ich erhoffe mir einen tollen Bericht darüber. ;)

    Ansonsten: tolle genähte Sachen, wie immer! ^^

    1. Oh, danke sehr! Schön, dass mir noch nicht alle Leser abhanden gekommen sind <3

  3. I prefer working to studying and studying doesn't always guarantee you a job so the internship sounds like a good move. For the purple dress, how about wearing it with a big belt or wearing it with a waistcoat?

    1. Thank you dear! And thanks for the input on the dress, actually I thought about something similar ^^

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