Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

Over The Rainbow

Hi my dears,

Did you have a nice easter break? I visited some realtives of mine, so I wasn't able to blog a lot ( I hope you didn't miss me too much ^^ ).

However, school started again, and I will probably spend my time with learning from now on, since I'll have veeery important exams in june. I'll try not to neglect my blog here too much.

At least, I didn't neglect my sewing machine and made two boleros. The pattern is more or less the same with both, also the ruffles. There's one in black with ornamental trimmings and one in a very light pink.

Dienstag, 19. April 2011

Butterfly Girl

Hi girls!

So I sewed again a bit, something simple, nothing worldshaking.
Maybe you remember my aroused passion for lilac, and luckily I found this wonderful fabric, so I added some white cotton lace and a short jersey shirt:

I love this kind of jersey, because the quality is very good and it's super soft, but unfortunately it's also very expensive.

Isn't the colour really adorable? I even have a pair of overknee socks which match perfectly with the shirt!

It's the first time I tried these mini sleeves and I like how they turned out. Maybe they're a little bit too loose, which I'll mind when I'm using the pattern next time.

From the fabric and lace which was left over, I made a matching headbow (^.^).

Montag, 18. April 2011

So That's What They Call "Offbrand"...?

Hi my dears,

sorry for the lack of posts, I was just enjoying the nice weather and wasn't that keen on staying on the computer too long. So here we go.^^

In the meantime, I ordered for the first time something from bodyline (wohoo!) and it arrived today. That's what I got:

Two skirts, a blouse, a pair of shoes, an umrella and some falsies.
First of all, I was very surprised about how fast they shipped it. The parcel even went through customs immediately, athough I think I'll get a bill whithin the next few days (which is ok, better than having to go to Basel or somewhere to get it).
Also surprised me the quality. I took the satin ribbons from the blouse off, the bow which came with the pink skirt is a bit creepy, and I'll remove the ruffles from the umbrella (but only because they're sewn with white thread, I won't use it when it's raining, I bought it because of the shape :3), but beside that, everything seem fine to me. Especially the shoes are quite pretty and suit perfect!
So very pleasant, after all. Don't worry, I've also been fabric shopping, so there are going to be handmade clothes, too. (^.^)

Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

Off With Her Hair!

Hello my dears!

I eventually decided how I want my hair: short! A year ago, I thought I'm going to let it grow, but lately I didn't like it an more. That's how it looked like:

Not very pretty, though. So I went to the hairdresser and afterwards, I looked like this:

very serious xD

I like it so much better now (^.^).
I've been wearing my hair short for a long time (before I was determined to get long hair again xP), it just feels more like "me".
By the way, this is what I was wearing (I took the picture before I went, so here still with uncut hair):

Montag, 11. April 2011

Inside Your Restless Soul, Your Heart Is Dying

Hi everyone,

so I have two weeks springbreak and it's the most beautiful weather outside. If life was always that nice and sunny!
Saturday night, I went to the cinema and saw Sucker Punch. I must confess, although I'm notmally not that into action movies, this film is really good, somewhere between Prison Break and a computer game, but with a surprising aesthetics and five cool actresses. I recomend it to those who like exciting (and a little bit creepy) movies (^.^).


Then I made a new corset. It's odd how corset making can be addictive. This time, I used this pattern from Ageless Patterns and modified it silghtly. I took a purple velvet-like fabric and silver eyelets.

Unfortunately, Venus has completely different proportions than I have, so it looks very crumpy. But I hope you can see what is meant.

The cut is beautiful, isn't it? It makes a wonderful hour glass silhouette.

And because I had some fabric left, I decided to make my very first pair of gaiters. It took me a bit of trial-and-error and two test pieces until I had the right shape, but now I'm pretty content with them.

Sonntag, 10. April 2011

Inspiring Sunday: Baby Kill Kill Kill

Hi everyone,

for today, I've chosen Guro Lolita as a subject. This rather seldom seen substyle has been strongly influenced by Mitsukazu Mihara and is sometimes considered as Cosplay Lolita, since it's hardly suitable for a tea party or a visit to a museum.
A Guro Lolita wants to personify the image of a broken doll and therefore often uses bandages, eyepatches, fake bruises and blood splatters. Although you could make a Guro coord with every Lolita style, it's most frequently seen with Shiro Lolita, because especially blood has the best effect on white.





Freitag, 8. April 2011

Children Of The Night

Hello cuties,

first of all, thank you so much for the nice felicitations!

Then, I sewed a new black bag. I've always been looking at these bat-shaped bags, so I decided to make one by myself.

It's made of black fake leather. To simulate the bones in the wings, I used spiral staves (I'm not sure about the correct English expression. I mean those metal things you put normally in corsets.)

The bag itself is rectangular. I actually just glued the wings on it
(and I hate that it's looking so crumpled, but I hope this will be better when I put somethin into it)

Red inlay!

Donnerstag, 7. April 2011


Hi my dears,

so since yesterday, I have only one year as a teenie left...I hope it's going to be a great year, there are many changes, I'm looking forward to finishing school and then going to university in autumn. But for now, I just show you my selfmade birthday cake (it was so yummy (^.^) )

Then I also went shopping a bit and bought a cute bow ring and a butterfly hairband at claire's:

Montag, 4. April 2011


Hi my dears,

I hope you started well into the bew week. Here, it's been raining all day long.


I got some new records lately. Ther upper two, I found yesterday on a flea market, when Marzi Panik and I strolled a bit through Bern.


I also did some sewing. I made the pattern by myself, and I think it might need a bit of improvement, but at least I managed to get rid of the worst wrinkles. The fabric is really really soft and fluffy inside, so the sweater is extremely cosy (^.^).
I made it short enough so I can wear it with Lolita, too.

Yes, the sleeves have the same lenght *gg*

Sonntag, 3. April 2011

Inspiring Sunday: Solitude Is More Frightening Than Darkness

Hello cuties,

another week's over! I hope you had a good time.

For today's Inspiring Sunday Post, I got inspired by one of my favourite animes I rewatched lately and thereby noticed how beautiful the clothes actually are. If I ever happen to make a cosplay, I think it would be probably a character of Rozen Maiden.
Enjoy today's inspiration!

Tags: Rozen Maiden, Kirakishou

Suigintou n Shinku

Samstag, 2. April 2011

Decent White

Remember that beautiful cotton fabric with flower embroidery I wanted to use for a skirt?
Well, I changed my mind a bit and came to the conclusion that I'm not (yet) ready for something like shiro lolita (and it wouldn't have been enough fabric for a skirt anyways).
So istead, I made a new pair of bloomers, with a lot of lace and pink ribbons (^.^).