Montag, 18. April 2011

So That's What They Call "Offbrand"...?

Hi my dears,

sorry for the lack of posts, I was just enjoying the nice weather and wasn't that keen on staying on the computer too long. So here we go.^^

In the meantime, I ordered for the first time something from bodyline (wohoo!) and it arrived today. That's what I got:

Two skirts, a blouse, a pair of shoes, an umrella and some falsies.
First of all, I was very surprised about how fast they shipped it. The parcel even went through customs immediately, athough I think I'll get a bill whithin the next few days (which is ok, better than having to go to Basel or somewhere to get it).
Also surprised me the quality. I took the satin ribbons from the blouse off, the bow which came with the pink skirt is a bit creepy, and I'll remove the ruffles from the umbrella (but only because they're sewn with white thread, I won't use it when it's raining, I bought it because of the shape :3), but beside that, everything seem fine to me. Especially the shoes are quite pretty and suit perfect!
So very pleasant, after all. Don't worry, I've also been fabric shopping, so there are going to be handmade clothes, too. (^.^)


  1. Den Rosenrock habe ich in schwarz und ich liebe ihn. Ich muss auch ganz ehrich gestehen, dass ich die Qualität überraschend gut fand. Keine AHnung was immer alle gegen BL haben....

    Liebe Grüße,

    Und ich will Fotos sehen ;D

  2. Wahrscheinlich ist es einfach nicht genug teuer ;)
    War auch sehr überrascht von der Qualität als ich das erste Mal bestellte.
    Viel Spass beim Tragen!