Montag, 11. April 2011

Inside Your Restless Soul, Your Heart Is Dying

Hi everyone,

so I have two weeks springbreak and it's the most beautiful weather outside. If life was always that nice and sunny!
Saturday night, I went to the cinema and saw Sucker Punch. I must confess, although I'm notmally not that into action movies, this film is really good, somewhere between Prison Break and a computer game, but with a surprising aesthetics and five cool actresses. I recomend it to those who like exciting (and a little bit creepy) movies (^.^).


Then I made a new corset. It's odd how corset making can be addictive. This time, I used this pattern from Ageless Patterns and modified it silghtly. I took a purple velvet-like fabric and silver eyelets.

Unfortunately, Venus has completely different proportions than I have, so it looks very crumpy. But I hope you can see what is meant.

The cut is beautiful, isn't it? It makes a wonderful hour glass silhouette.

And because I had some fabric left, I decided to make my very first pair of gaiters. It took me a bit of trial-and-error and two test pieces until I had the right shape, but now I'm pretty content with them.


  1. Sooooooo schön!!!!!
    Tolle Arbeit, ich bewundere dich.

  2. wow der samt die farbe und dann die gamaschen dazu++++ganz ganz toll ;-)