Sonntag, 7. April 2013

Best Birthday (So Far)

Hi dolls,

As I had mentioned before, yesterday was a very special day I've been looking forward to with excitement: Not only was it my 21. Birthday, but we had also planned a Lolita meet-up! I was determinated to make it a great day, and so it was (^.^).
We met unusally early in St.Gallen and went shopping first, because the shops would be closing at half past noon. We went to Bambola Schläpfer, a fabric store where they sell the most expensive and most amazig fabrics I've ever seen. Afterwards, we went to the factory store of Bischoff Texil, where they sell beautiful lace trims and fabrics a lot cheaper, since it's partly rejects and rests, but nevertheless worth a visit!
Then, after noon, we went to pick up the rest of the group who didn't want to get up that early respectively weren't interested in going to the stores. We had lunch and took some pictures at the abbey of St.Gallen, before the little light that was left would disappear. In the end, we finally went to the textile museum. The exhibition was breathtaking (and very inspiring).
I was happy everything went (more or less) according to plan, and I think we all enjoyed the day, despite of the very cold, undfriendly weather (at least, it wasn't raining). It was great to see so many beautiful Lolitas, especially some I haven't seen for a while or got to know for the first time. It's always fun how we communicate in a mixture of German, French and English, since we have attendands from every part of Switzerland and even from abroad!

But now, enough of the blabber, here come the pictures! (^.^) As announced, I wore my Sugary Carnival OP for the first time, I was so happy!

Outfit rundwon:
Headbow & dress: Angelic Pretty
Wig: GothicLolitaWigs
Bag & accessoires: handmade
Socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Bodyline

With Aya

Mint girls ^^ we all wore something mint, such a coincidence!
With Lea
The whole group

And a bonus pic: I was quite happy with my make-up that day, unfortunately I totally forgot to take a picture of it until I was in the train heading home after a long day. So it's probably not the best photo, but just for the record (^.-)


  1. Aaaaw, wie niedlich! :D
    Und herzlichen Glückwunsch nachträglich!

  2. Super, dass es für dich so ein schöner Geburtstag war. ^0^/ Das Treffen hat wirklich sehr Spass gemacht und das Museum war nicht nur von der Ausstellung her, sondern auch was das Gebäude angeht total schön. Hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt. Juhuu, ich mag das Foto von uns :D
    Awww, ich werde ja für immer ein Fan deiner süssen Tasche sein. Die kommt super zur Geltung auf dem ersten Bild. Das Outfit war ja überhaupt total süss!

    1. Das freut mich, dass dir das Treffen auch gefallen hat <3