Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011

Petti And Coat

Hey my dears!
How are you? I finally got my super-petti. I heard several times that it's really good, so I ordered it at QutieLand (where it seems to be out of stock now, I just noticed). Unfortunately, they had some problems with the DollscroP's shop owner, so I had to wait for it about three month. But now it arrived and I'm very happy.

The petticoat is very light, you can stuff it extremely, what can be useful if you're travelling, but it doesn't seem to lose any of it's volume. I haven't worn it outside yet, but it makes a good impression so far.
Then I finished a pretty long-winded project: I made another coat. I used thin black cord and about five meters of trimming border, which I sewed on all by hand (I'm not sure where this glorious idea came from). As a lining, I took simple black satin, since they hadn't any nice pastell colours. As you can see, I love my new ruffle foot for the sewing machine, so I covered it in ruffles^^.
I couldn't find any adequate buttons, so I took some normal black ones and glued the rest of the trimming border around them. I just hope they last!
Then I also added some little bows of satin ribbon. They're actually not so shiny, this only looks like because of the flash.
Well, I guess this pocket is a bit useless, but I think it's cute (^.^)
By the way, thank you for your inputs for my navy-sailor-whatever-project, but I couldn't already decide xD. Fell free to share your ideas with me.
Then, I've thought about doing some sewing tutorials every now and then. Would you be interested? I'll maybe show you how to do little things, but of course, if you have a specific question about something I already sewed, you ask me and then I'll try to explain. What do you think? Is there any need for this or might this be rather unnecessary?

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  1. Wow, der Mantel ist ja ein Traum geworden! Tolle Idee mit den Knöpfen, ich finde, das passt super so. :)

    Nähkurslektionen hier zwischendrin wären super, würde mich wohl interessieren. :)