Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

Caterpillar Girls

It's already quite long ago, but maybe you remember our Lolita meetup in December where some tv people accompanied us? Recently, another article popped up. You can read it here. I think the viedo is very nice made, I especially love the music.
But I don't agree with the article itself. They considered a psychologist (something that seems to be very popular when it's about journalists to write about Lolita), according to whom we all have a so-called Cinderella-complex, which means we want to freeze the time, so we can be forever a little girl, daddys princess.
Well, this may be true for some of us, but not for me. I sew Lolita clothes, because they unite everything I love, and it gives me infinitively many possibilities to let out my creativity. So why shouldn't I also wear them? So, for me it's a hobby, maybe one day my profession, and as much as I look up to livestyle Lolitas (oh yes, I do), and as wonderful it might me to be a little girl again sometimes, I still want to become adult (in fact, I probably should already be adult xD).
So, enough of my mind tangles, since this already has been discussed for many many times. Tea and cake for everyone?

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