Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011

Inspiring Sunday: Lost My Heart On A Sugary Carnival



Another Weekend almost over, I hope you're ready for Monday (^.^)
Today's Inspiration Post is about my most (and only) loved Lolita print: Sugary Carnival by Angelic Pretty. Even if I'm more into bittersweet, I enjoy looking at OTT Sweet Lolitas, with their hair piled up and covered in accessoires. Sugary Carnival therefore is - for me - the incarnation of OTT Sweet itself. I heard the cut isn't that flattering for most of the girls, especially the jsk. Nevertheless, this is probably the only brand item with Sweet print I'd really like to have (one day, you know...), I think either in lavender or in black.



Marie from Pastelraindrops


By Gurololi


  1. Love these pictures! <3 Isn´t the fourth one a girl from Germany? (I am not sure... ;-))


  2. Thank you <3
    Hm, this might be, but I'm not sure, I often just save pictures on my pc without knowing afterwards who or from where it was...

  3. the girls on picture number 2 and 3 are from germany ^^
    picture nr.2 is Hoa , and girl on picture nr.3 is called Mio Babylove
    her blog ->