Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

Vinyl And Vintage

When it's about certain things, I'm terribly old-fashioned. Recording mediums, for example. We used to have a record player when I was little, and I simply loved it. The fascination for the turning record, the quiet clicking noise. I've always been dreaming of a real antique grammophone. Unfortunately these are pretty rare and expensive, but I finally found a relatively good record player which was still affordable for me.
I'm quite impressed by all the buttons and the technique that seems to be in this thing. I'm very happy with it, the few disc records I own go perfectly, and maybe I'll get the old ones from my uncle. He has several discs from the 80ies (you know, the time when music still was good music), I'd love to hear them.
Then, I was at the cinema to watch Burlesque. I can't see why there were such bad reviews, I thought it was great. The music, the costumes, the whole burlesque thing... I hope I'll see a real burlesque show once.
I wore my new skirt (the shirt, by the way, is this one).
I even adapted my make-up to the skirt. It's somehow quite long time since I last used coloured eye shadow, normally I go with good old black one (^.^)

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