Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

Come To The Dark Side, We Have Heart-Shaped Cookies!

Don't worry, there'll be soon something sewed again here, I almost finished it, there are only some nice buttons missing (^.^)
BUT I might need your help with something else. Last time I was at my favourite fabric shop, they had some fabrics on sale, so I bought 3,5 m of a beautiful dark blue fabric.
I'm planning to do a deux-pièce out of it, but not one of these unsophsticated ones, I thougt of a short-waisted jacket and a high-waisted Lolita skirt which I can also wear with Classic or Casual. About the skirt, I'm already pretty sure how I'll do it, but not for the jacket.
I'd like to do something in navy style, but I'm not very versed in this topic. Do you have suggestions? Or inspiring pictures/outifts/links...? Should I make it single- or double-breasted? Silver or gold buttons?
Well, you see, I don't really have an idea yet. Fortunately, it's rather a spring-summer-theme, so I'll have a bit time left to decide...but I'd be very thankful if you might give me a little hint!


  1. The cookies look yummy!

    As for the naval-themed jacket, I would suggest a close-fitting single-breasted style (but only if the skirt is more on the voluminous side) and golden buttons. Maybe you'll find some with anchors on them, like these:
    A double-breasted jacket would (in my opinion) not fit into your lolita style. Not that I know anything about lolita, though! ^^

    I also suggest working with white (or off-white, if you prefer) highlights, maybe a strip around the collar? Ah, collar, I would make that quite big and V-shaped, as on old-fahioned sailor's dresses for little girls! You can add a little white bow to the tip of the V, for instance.

    Tell us something about the skirt!

    I really enjoy reading your blog, even if lolita is not my personal style.

  2. du hast nicht zufällig post von mir bekommen? ich hab so angst, dass die post es verschlampt, die am schalter erscheint mir immer so wahnsinnig inkompetent...