Freitag, 28. Januar 2011

May I Have My Winter Back, Please?

Weather is really strange at the moment here. Once it's pretty cold, then it's like 15°C again, and the snow keeps melting away. Hey, I like spring, but it's still january! I hope we'll have some more snow this year.
But I finished another sewing project: a skirt! For the underskirt, I took black Ditte. I embroidered a bat in tribal style to the front. I detected that embroidery really pleased me. Does someone of you know a good book or something about embroidery? I'd really like to improve my skills.
Sorry for the blotches, I just washed the chalk marks away, maybe I should have waited for it to dry before taking pictures^^
The overskirt is made from black lace fabric. Did I already mention how much I love my ruffle foot? (^.^)


  1. Ui, der ist ja hübsch geworden! :)

  2. Deine Kenntnisse verbessern??? Du bist doch schon super! Bei mir schaut das nicht so schön aus!

    Kennst du schon ?

  3. Danke schön!
    hm, ich dachte, die hätten nur Muster für Stickmaschinen?