Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010

Wrapping Paper And News Paper

I love to wrap presents for christmas. I light some candles, put on some good music and surround myself with all the materials you need and, of course, the presents. Then I wrap those, first in tissue paper, then in some nice christmas paper (this year I chose a bright blue one with silver reindeers and white snowflake - isn't this lovely?), and in the end I use to cover it with loads of ribbon (my lovely penpal Sue unfortunately didn't came to enjoy this since I had to send her present in a letter and it would have come out all crumpled - Sue, you should just imagine, ok?^^).
Actually, this wasn't really the clue. I finally got a photo from our last Lolita meetup with all uf us!
Aaaand did i mention that there was a TV team accompanying us? They made a clip out of it. You can watch it here. It's in Swiss german, though, but you should have a look at it, the girls were so lovely dressed. I think it's quite good made, especially since they let us speak (well, not me, but some of us) and didn't add a background comment. Another newspaper also wrote an article: *click* . Pinky said there were even more newspapers interested in us! Maybe the scene is getting more popular in Switzerland soon?

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