Freitag, 17. Dezember 2010

Dear Santa...

Only one week left until christmas! Unlike everyone else (as it seems...), I'm not at all stressed with presents and stuff. For my familiy, I always make something edible, this year I plan to do gingerbread houses (which I'll do this weekend), my sister and my mother will get something I've sewed. Since I'm not sure who is reading my blog, I'll show you after christmas what I've made.
Until then, I keep on dreaming about my wishlist. As this is my Lolita and sewing blog, here are my Loita and sewing themed wishes:
When I saw this MM dress first, I immedeatly fell in love with it. It's just perfection. Maybe one day, I'll sew something like this. Although I'm not quite sure if this wouldn't be blasphemic.
Another MM item, perfection again. I love everything about it, the colour, the shape, the print...

Two items from IW, which are not that innocent when it's about my love to Country Lolita.^^
This coat has such lovely details. I'm thinking about sewing another coat which would be inspired from it. Until then, I keep adoring this one.^^
Vampire Requiem skirt in lavender. Is there any more comment needed?
Baby's Lac Des Cygnes in black. So beautiful! (And please, I'd like to have the skirt)
Black Ruffle Rocking Horses would probably be the only RH's I'll ever wear. But in return, I probably wouldn't take them off anymore...
So, these were some of my Lolita desires. There are some items I could need for my other passion: Sewing!
A Teflon foot. Although I'm not very often handling with leather or plastic, every time I do I wish I had one.
A ruffle foot. Oh, it would make my live so much easier!
And hey, by the way, why not an overlock machine? I'm currently saving money for one. I just thank to the inventor of this marvellous thing...
So, this was a little glimpse of my most personal dreams... or something like this xD. Maybe, somewhere out there, there's someone who wants to fulfill one of my dreams (yes, dear Santa, I'm talking to YOU!^^)


  1. Wegen den Mary-Magdalene-Kleidern habe ich ja angefangen zu nähen *_*

    Ich wollte auch sowas haben, aber erstens hab ich zu wenig Kohle (sowas) und zweitens produzieren die nur in Kleinstgrößen xD

  2. Ahhh,en Wunsch nach einem Teflon-Fuß kann ich verstehen, ich liebe Kunstleder!
    Zwei Versuche einen zu bekommen habe ich bisher gestartet. Beide waren aus unterschiedlichen Gründen erfolglos. T___T

    Oh und die Kleiderauswahl finde ich auch sehr schick. Ich plane im Moment ein JSK nach dem Vorbild des 2. MM JSK. ...
    Wenn doch nur mehr Zeit wäre. *g*