Freitag, 31. Dezember 2010

Material Mix or The Tale Of The Girl With The Big Bottom

No, I won't make a Happy-New-Year-post, I think all these rumours about sylvester and everything are quite senseless. I don't like fireworks and I think New Year's pledges are stupid because you're going to overerstimate yourself or your environment anyways. Better make a purpose when you really need it without checking the date first.
But, before you quit my blog, I have good news: I sewed, after a long time, again! I had a desperate need to make something not-Lolita, so I made a somehow gothic/romantic miniskirt. I used everything my fabric stock gave me, which means tulle, satin, lace and some thick cotton fabric. It turned out much heavier than I expected, and it makes your bottom look really huge (but for that, your waist and legs look thinner xD).

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