Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

Comics and Pink Ruffles

Hi my dears
I hope you had a nice weekend. I had :D. Yesterday, I went to Zürich to the Comic and Manga Market. This is what i was wearing:
(Plus a pink bow in my hair, which I haven't on yet in the picture).
I didn't buy anything at the market, but it was nice to observe all these people. There were some really good cosplays (and even a cosplay competition of which nobody knew before xD). I met another Lolita I got to know at the last Lolita meetup. In the afternoon, we strolled a bit around the town as the stores were open. Among others, we visited Black Griffin, where I haven't been for ages. They had some really lovely pirate items (omg, I'm afraid I'll start getting into Pirate Lolita soon, too. Why can't I just decide for one style? It would mke my life so much easier xD).
All in all a very pleasant day. The shoes which I've been wearing for the first time didn't even hurt and were extremly comfortable!


  1. You can´t decide for one style because it´s boring. ;)

    By the way: I like your outfit. even when I prefer outfits with less contrast. (I think for this dress I would have taken dark grey instead of pink)
    But it suits you very well!

  2. Thank you <3
    Yes, I still wonder why I had to take the pink fabric. But I really enjoyed being sweet, at least for one day xD