Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2010

Intermediate Work

Hi my dears!
I hope you're enjoying winter as I do. Today, snow was falling all day long, it's so beautiful ouside!
Some of you may follow my WIP at NuS, where I'm currently struggling with a whole Steampunk Lolita Outfit. For those who don't, don't worry, I'll show you when it's completed. But yesterday I felt like doing something little for in between, so I took an old alice bow and some velvet and made a hair bow. It's sewn by hand because I didn't want to turn on the sewing machine extra for this. It's an upright double bow (which is kind of hard to photograph^^)
I've lighted some candles ( I love candles!) and it's soo cosy right now. I wish you a nice second part of the week!