Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

"Hänsel und Gretel" is not a christmas tale!

So why were there in every second shop window a gingerbread house with a wich and two little children? (and a cat. Is there really a cat metioned in the tale? I can't remember). I mean, I can see the connection to christmas with the gingerbread house. But Hänsel und Gretel?
Actually, this is not really the point. Me and my Lolita friend Aya went yesterday to an art exhibition from some artists, one of them is Pinky. It was very funny and I learned a new word in English: womb. I'm sure I'll need this word very often in future xD. For those who don't know it: don't bother, you don't really want to know.
This is what I looked like:
I'm wearing my jsk and for the first time my ruffly bolero. I made a mistake when I put on my black Demonias, because I nearly slipped and fell every second step. I think I'll wear them again when the snow has gone....

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