Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010

Casual Attempt

Recently, I tried wearing more casual Lolita on normal week days. With the one on the left, I went to town with my sister. You can't see it very well, but I'm wearing this shirt. Finally, we went to the cinema and watched Der letzte schöne Herbsttag. Although The film was not too bad in my opinion, there were only six people (my siter and me included) in the cinema.^^
I took the picture for the second outfit by night, so you can't really see much of it, I'm sorry (I tried to make it a bit better, but now it looks rather creepier than before). I'm wearing my standart black skirt and this blouse. That day, my sister and me went with my father to the Foundation Beyeler (a museum) in Basel to an exhibithion about Klimt, Schiele and Vienna in 1900. I'm still not that into paining art, but there were quite a lot people, so we didn't even find a place in the museum café.
The third outfit is with a skirt I actually do not really like to wear, because no matter how often you iron it, it refuses getting de-wrinkled. Nevertheless, I got a compliment for it.^^
So, and now it's almost tea-time! (Btw, Victoria Suzanne wrote a very interesting post about tea in her blog! If you're a fan of tea, check it out.)

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  1. das bild links mag ich besonders!
    außerdem: ein award für mara!