Freitag, 5. November 2010

Nearly transparent

Hey my dears,
I finally managed uploading the pictures of my latest crative imulse. As I already have some blouses, I didn't owe a black one with long sleeves. Althogh I love the rounded lacey edges of the typical lolita blouses, I made this time a stand-up collar. For the sleeves, I used chiffon and then added a bow tie and some frills which are made of chiffon, too. I was honestly surprised how well I could handle with this fabric from which I always thougt it would be horribly bichy. As buttons, I took some golden ones, which gives the blouse a slight pirate look.


Did you know that for "Schluppenbluse", you can not only say bow tie blouse, but also pussy bow blouse? What a foul-mouthed ewpression!

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