Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

I remember the face, but I can't recall the name...

No, I didn't give up sewing, not at all. There's a corset waitig to be photographed (and what a corset) and today I finished another blouse, but I think I'll take new photos of it, too. So somehow I keep writing about music (which isn't that bad, isn't it?). Even if I'm afraid my hardcore image won't be that hardcore anymore after this post...
Well, this is what it's all about:
This happens to you if you're not a good girl :D.
No, seriously, this was my very first cd I bought for myself. And then, one day, it cracked. As my cd collection was a bit bigger at this time, I didn't really bother, also I haven't listen to it for ages. But some days ago, I decided it was time to replace it. We're talking about... Yes. If you want, you can scream and run away. I don't care, Greenday is one of my favourite bands, and no one will ever change that, hahaa! Of course, there is a quite strong emotional addiction to this album. I bought it when I was nearly 13. I reached puberty, argumed the first time with my parents and got a vague idea of punkrock. So when i stood in the record store last week and came across American Idiot, I couldn't help but rebuying it. When I came home and put it in the cd player, something which I really like happened: I remembered. I remembered the time when I was listening to it day and night for the first time, I remembered my feelings, my dreams, I remembered so many pictures, I even remembered people I haven't thought of for ages. It's always astonishing how strong I link memories to music. And now, I can't stop listening to the album, again. Even if American Idiot is the one with the greates comercial success, I still think it's the greatest album of Greenday. Sure, 21st Century Breakdown was awesome too, but not as awesome...

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  1. Ich lach mich grad über unser beider Musikgeschmack tot, echt wahnsinn =D
    Ich hab den Titel zum Post gelesen und hab mir sofort Whatsername eingelegt.