Dienstag, 2. November 2010


I finally got David Garrett's new album Rock Symphonies!
Since the album Encore, I'm a quite huge fan of his. I love classical music, and I couldn't live without great rock music, but David Garrett makes an absolutely amazing crossover of both genres. He plays the famous rock songs on his violin and interprets equally famous classical pieces in a Rock'n'Roll way, always accompanied by an orchestra, drums and electric guitar. Listening to him is really refreshing, neither noisy (for parents) nor boring (for everyone else).
Rock Symphonies is, as expected, world-class again. My favourite is definitely Master of Puppets (but hey, otherwise everyone might think I'm not as hardcore anymore...)


  1. *kicher* ich hab mich schon immer geschämt, weil ich David Garett Fan bin =D beruhigt mich, wenn andere "pööhse" Menschen den auch mögen ;)

  2. Sounds interesting! :) Ich hab erst ein paar Songs gehört, meist Cover. Bin neugierig, mal mehr von seiner Musik kennenzulernen.