Donnerstag, 11. November 2010

Die Weltherrschaft, die strebt ihr an

I know that the title is german, thanks. It just suited better than anything else. I'm talking about shoes - what else. In fact, I've been a bad girl recently, as I bought not only one, but two pairs of boots. I hope they're the last ones for this year...
These are the ones I already showed you. As I'm not able to make good pictures of it, this is the "official" picture. I'm glad I bought them, they're really comfortable and so pretty!
This is the second pair. They're knee-high and also quite comfortable, but I think I won't wear them so often. Anyway, they might look nice with a Lolita coord, wouldn't they?
Some days ago, I did some clearance, and on this occasion, I counted my shoes. I own 21 pairs of shoes, sport shoes and flip-flops not included! I have no idea where all these shoes come from, really. They must have increased while I wasn't looking or something like that, otherwise I can't explain the fact that there are so many...


  1. wahahaha dieselben schuhe hab ich auch, die sind klasse ^.^

  2. Die Stiefel hab ich auch, allerdings in der Dickebeineversion *g*