Donnerstag, 25. November 2010

Finishing Harry Potter 7 is like destroying the 7th Horcrux of my chidlhood

Monday, I was in the cinema watching HP 7, the first part. As being a HP nerd, I've read all the books several times, some (not all) even in English. So far, the movies weren't my favourite ones, otherwise said, I thought they were quite bad made. So I didn't expect much when I went to the cinema (even if the films are bad, I can't be without having seen them). The fact the film was splitted into two parts seemed to call for commerce, I mean, the other six movies had shortened the story so much you had to have read the book so that you could follow the plot. So why couldn't they do the same with the last one?
But I have to confess, the movie really affected me. It is made so great, I wouldn't have bothered sitting six hours in the cinema. I don't know whether I'm just less critical or if it's because they have a new director or maybe the film is really better. After have seen HP 6 in the movies (it was last year, wasn't it?), I haven't read any more HP, but when I was In the cinema on monday, I suddenly felt quite sentimental. At age of 11, I started reading Harry Potter, and since then he and his friends accompanied me through adolescence. I've learned so much from these books, about friendship and folloing your heart and everything. Finishing the 7th book was already bad enogh, but now the movie era goes to an end, too. Oh, I wish I wouldn't have to wait until summer to see the second part.


  1. I feel quite the same about the new movie. In contrast to most of the other ones it is exciting,dark and the views of the landscape are wonderful!

  2. I think the movie was realy great!
    At the same time I feel like you... HP was so much my childhood!

    And... I cryed sooo much in the end!
    (like I did when I read the book...)

  3. haha, I nearly always cry when seeing a movie, I only wear waterproof mascara xD